Autor: Elastico Farm

With offices in Turin, Italy and in Toronto, Canada and at least three nominations for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award, Elastico Farm – founded by Stefano Pujatti, Alberto Del Maschio and Sara dal Gallo in 2005 – has received wide critical acclaim internationally.

The Weengushk Film Institute in Manitoulin Island represents yet another opus in Elastico Farm’s coherent portfolio of works, each project testifying his educated material experimentalism: from the expressive research he conducted on the structural possibilities of granite in the recently completed “Houses of Cards” near Turin to the innovative concept for the “Maison Glacé” in Toronto where the insulating properties of ice are exploited.

Current projects in Italy include: the Livio Felluga Winery in Brazzano di Cormons, the Head Office of the National Physical Institute Laboratory in Turin and “Le Bâtiment Descendant l’Escalier,” a 4,400 square meter mixed-use building in Jesolo, Italy.

The installation presented by Elastico Farm at the Italian Pavilion, at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, is made in collaboration with StudioErrante Architetture and Davide Tommaso Ferrando.
The installation includes:
— a large 3,5 meter by 1,5 meter reclaimed corrugated sheet metal, mechanically flattened;
— a 0,40 meter by 0,40 meter terracotta model of the building for the Weengushk Film Institute. The form was fired in the absence of oxygen to achieve the dark coloration;
— salvaged beam (IPE 200). The wings were partially detached and the core, left free, was then flame-carved;
— the red dress is a symbol for the many missing and murdered indigenous women.


Houses of Cards

Resultados de traducción Estas dos casas se han construido a través de un largo proceso de investigación, diseño y experimentación en materiales, tecnología y programa. El elemento vinculante de este proceso fue el coraje y la confianza del cliente que aceptó ser parte de un viaje del que estos dos edificios son solo un fragmento.

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