Han Tümertekin

Han Tümertekin estudió la carrera de arquitectura en la Universidad Técnica de Estambul y completó sus estudios de posgrado en conservación histórica en la Universidad de Estambul. En 1986 fundó su estudio en Estambul. Su trabajo ha sido ampliamente publicado, incluyendo un monográfico de Harvard University Press en 2006. Es uno de los fundadores del programa de posgrado en arquitectura de la Universidad Bilgi, en Estambul y ha colaborado como docente en diversas universidades internacionales. Ha sido galardonado con numerosos premios, entre los que destaca el premio Aga Khan de Arquitectura en 2004 por el proyecto B2 House en Ayvacık, Turquía. Formó parte del jurado del premio Aga Khan de Arquitectura en 2007 y también ha sido miembro del Award Steering Committee.

Zen Architects

Practice Philosophy

Respect, knowledge and a consideration for people and the natural environment define both our work and our design philosophy. Within our architecture, we aim to realise each client’s unique vision while also maximising the potential inherent in each site.

Our interest in contemporary culture and construction technology ensures that our buildings provide unprecedented design solutions that function at the highest level for life.

Zen Architects is an award winning, Melbourne based practice with 29 years experience in the design and development of environmentally, socially and financially sustainable buildings. Our work is spread across Australia with a primary focus in inner Melbourne, the North and Eastern suburbs, coastal and rural regions of Victoria.

From inception to realisation our process exemplifies a high level of ecologically sustainable design in which ideas are tested, refined and followed through to completion.

Our construction knowledge is invaluable in developing accurate projections of cost and timing. This knowledge also plays an important role in our ability to determine the most viable forms, materials, finishes, systems and maintenance requirements for each project, ensuring that we both address the brief and meet the budget.

Through our commitment to supporting local design and manufacturing and in our efforts to bring affordable sustainable architecture to as many people as possible, we are not only a client-focused and forward-thinking practice but one that aims to positively impact the wider community.


Ric Zen
Before I knew the meaning of the word, I was drawn to architecture. In my mind, architecture had the potential to be as diverse, exciting and as magical as the natural world while remaining harmonious with the environment.

My formal education largely excluded environmentally sensitive architecture, as it was not valued. The resulting feeling of being different and of having different values continued throughout my early years, eventually leading me to form Zen Architects as well as undertaking various teaching positions at universities.

Born into an Italian migrant family of continental bakers, my upbringing was centred around the values of family and self-sufficiency. I thrived in the vibrance of the culture and the love of making things together while learning new skills along the way.

I have been pursuing architecture that delves into these fundamentals of life ever since.

The type of architecture I love is intuitive, diverse and inclusive. It respects people and place while also elevating the cultural experience. Its architecture that makes a difference while taking your breath away.

I am grateful for the opportunity to practice architecture, as every project brings the opportunity to design a better future for our clients.

Outside of Zen, my greatest passion is my family, although surfing comes a close second. I love everything about it. I wear the biggest smile out on the waves. It’s a minor miracle, like walking on water.

I hope to see you out there.

Luke Rhodes
Inspired by my childhood on a rural property in North East Victoria, the values of sustainable living and family are a continual presence in my work.

My studies were undertaken at the University of Canberra where I completed my Masters of Architecture in 2010. Following this, I was actively involved in the design and construction of large scale, high end commercial and multi-residential developments in the Canberra area.

The desire to work on more refined projects that focused on the end user drew me to Melbourne where I joined Zen Architects.

My interest in the myriad possibilities of light and volume, and its interaction with local, natural and tactile materials, drive my passion for designing environments in which families can thrive.

Outside of my work at Zen, sustainability, architecture and design are reflected in my daily life. My family and two dogs live in an architecturally designed, all-electric, 1970’s passive solar townhouse in Melbourne’s inner city.

Although fully invested in the inner-city life now, the country remains in my heart. Whether it is camping, fishing, sport, travel or photography, the outdoors is where I feel most at home.

Madeleine Ingham
My passion for environmentally conscious living developed from an early age. My childhood was spent in rural Victoria where I grew up in an off-grid home, an upbringing which later led me to pursue multidisciplinary studies in natural and built environments.

With a keen interest in climate change, social spaces and regenerative sustainability, my decision to join Zen Architects was driven by my desire to produce sustainable architecture that benefits people, their communities and their cities.

At Zen, my childhood experiences combined with my studies enable me to successfully demonstrate to clients the various ways in which sustainable living can be achieved without negatively impacting lifestyle.

When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, seeing friends, drinking wine, playing with other people’s dogs and barracking for the Richmond Tigers.

Santiago Chasseing

Pavel Starodubtsev

Pavel Starodubtsev nació en Yeniseysk, Rusia. Se graduó en la Universidad de Tecnología y Gestión de la Industria Alimentaria, especializándose en la integración de métodos creativos, pensamiento estratégico y objetivos de negocio. Trabaja en el estudio de Artemy Lebedev desde 2017, donde creó el Departamento de Estrategia. A través de un enfoque multidisciplinario, él y su equipo desarrollan el negocio del estudio, las estrategias de negocio de los clientes, el asesoramiento de start-ups y la organización de proyectos de investigación. En paralelo, realiza una labor de docencia a través de talleres y conferencias, en los que incorpora conceptos desarrollados en objetos de arte contemporáneos, organizando exposiciones y produciendo contenido en vídeo.


Rooi Design and Research

Rooi Design and Research was founded in 2018 in Cape Town and formed Beijing and Shenzhen office in 2019. In the design practice, Rooi Design and Research are committed to working with clients, contractors and designers to create better and more “human-scale” environments for users.

“Site” is the issue we are most concerned about, we believe design concept cannot be separated from its original context. At the same time, in our view, the architecture and interior design must satisfy both our “eyes” and our “body” as it is an important medium connecting us and the nature.

We aim to work with people from various backgrounds and cultures to create a better living environment.


Into architecture, design and performing arts, HPO is an experiment aiming to cross the line between an architectural practice and a cleaning agency.

Clayton Korte

Clayton Korte is an architecture and interior design firm known for creating layered, rich places that respond to local context, connect to their environment, highlight craft, and celebrate the human experience. Though projects are diverse in style, type, and geography, an independent yet ever-gracious spirit animates them all. This intangible hallmark is Clayton Korte’s signature.


Masaaki Hasegawa

Masaaki Hasegawa es el creador de Creativida, es asesor de Erretres Strategic Design Company, es un artista internacional apoyado por Molotow, y un embajador y expositor permanente del Museo Contemporáneo de Caligrafía.

Andreu Carulla

Andreu Carulla es licenciado en Ingeniería de Diseño de Producto por la Universidad de Girona. En 2006 fundó su estudio, que ha sido reconocido como una de las firmas de diseño más versátiles e innovadoras presentes en España hoy en día, con énfasis en la materialidad, la artesanía y la sostenibilidad. Combina la exploración constante de materiales, las técnicas tradicionales y los procesos contemporáneos en el diseño de diferentes productos y proyectos, que incluyen mobiliario, menaje, iluminación, dirección creativa e interiores, entre otros. Enseña en diversas universidades y ha sido galardonado con numerosos premios nacionales e internacionales.



Michele Corbani y Andrea Spada el eclecticismo italiano

Al más puro estilo Matrimonio a la italiana, Michele Corbani y Andrea Spada, se ‘enamoraron’ profesionalmente en Salamanca, mientras estaban de Erasmus. Experiencia que formó el binomio perfecto llamado Ilmiodesign. Il mio para enfatizar el valor de su ‘italianidad’, así como recalcar la autoría y originalidad de sus diseños, y design porque lo llevan intrínseco en su sangre milanesa.

Programa VACA

Paco Lago

Un equipo humano que da soluciones funcionales y estéticas a espacios necesitados de alma. Transformamos.

Solucionamos porque interiorizamos, porque empatizamos con tu necesidad, y la hacemos nuestra para llegar a ti.

Interiorizamos porque todo pasa por un equipo esencial: exigente, soñador, sin límites.

Soñamos con transformar porque es parte de nuestro ADN.

Si funciona y agrada, enamora.



HIKA arquitectura y urbanismo. El estudio

: /ˈhɪːka/
1.     in basque, a mode of address used between friends.
This is like we see the dialogue between architecture and its surroundings. Natural and simple.
HIKA es un estudio fundado en el año 2000 por Kepa Iturriaga y Arantxa Quintana, ambos graduados en la E.T.S. Arquitectura de San Sebastián, Universidad del País Vasco.

Han ganado varios premios en concursos entre los que se incluyen el concurso para la rehabilitación del edificio de bomberos como edificio multiusos para jóvenes en Galdakao (Bizkaia) en 2003, el concurso para el centro multiusos en Aizarnazabal (Gipuzkoa) en 2005, el concurso para el polideportivo de Balmaseda (Bizkaia) en 2006 y el concurso para la rehabilitación del edificio del Antiguo Asilo de Ondarroa (Bizkaia) para la construcción de 14 alojamientos dotacionales en 2015.

Arantxa Quintana ha sido profesora en la E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Donostia-San Sebastián desde el 2006 al 2008 y se doctoró en Arquitectura en el año 2016.


Arq. Gerardo Sirolli

Martín Forcinito Arquitectos

Glenn Howells Architects

Glenn Howells Architects are an award-winning design studio. Underpinning the practice is an approach rooted in the constant exploration of ideas about how buildings and cities are made, built, and how they can improve the lives of individuals and communities. In keeping to these core principles, Glenn Howells Architects have secured a reputation for delivering high quality buildings across all sectors and masterplans which have transformed large parts of UK’s biggest cities.

Ancerl Studio

Our focus is on creating spaces that people want to spend time in, come home to, and entertain in. We use our intuition from decades of experience to thrive in creating spaces that are custom to the end user and their needs, while always presenting unique and distinctive features with every project.

Our designs tell a story through the material selection and detailing to bring exceptional character to each space we create. This commitment to quality and the creation of unique design narratives enables our projects to consistently deliver above market returns for investors and the highest intrinsic value for home owners.

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