Autor: Revolution

REVOLUTION is a collection of designing, development, production and asset management firms that aspire to create a new and better way of living built upon community, flexibility and simplicity. At Revolution we believe that life is better when we are part of something greater than ourselves. We want to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.

We are focus on addressing the current mismatch between the current housing options and the lifestyles of people moving to the city, especially among young people. We believe that there is a current shok between rapidly changing lifestyles and traditional housing that prevents people from living in an affordable home where they can also have fun and engage with the community. As life continues to evolve, cities, buildings and housing need to evolve as well, so that they fit the way people want to live.

We are also focus on addressing the difficult, complex and lonely decision making process that people face today when they are choosing a home. When looking for a place to live people face tight time pressure, limited and distorted information and an all-around poor customer experience, making the move to a new home or a new city very frustrating. Revolution aspires to solve this problem.

To achieve these goals, we employ a rigorous approach to all parts of the real estate value chain, from the incubation of ideas to design, sourcing, underwriting, developing and ultimately investing in opportunities we find attractive and that align with our values. We therefore assume ongoing oversight on behalf of our investors and costumers, focusing on the property management and tenant relations to provide a stable, risk-adjusted and above market-rate income stream.

Revolution offers the capacity to have direct responsibility for the task at hand, regardless of the stage of the project. Our employees are always on the front line, working together to solve problems and successfully manage assets through the various phases of development. Together, our teams make big ideas happen across a full spectrum of services.


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