Autor: Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido

Francisco Gonzalez Pulido (FGP) is an international architect based in Chicago where he leads FGP Atelier.  FGP leads a team that is currently focused on designing buildings across a range of scales and typologies that contribute to social and economic advancement through the alignment of Design, Science and Technology.  He does so by drawing on nearly three decades of experiences spanning three periods of practice: leading his own studio in Mexico City (1993-1998), collaborating with Helmut Jahn and becoming business partner and President of Jahn (1999-2017), and now as founder of FGP Atelier.

It is in his current role leading FGP Atelier that he has the opportunity to cultivate his own brand and realize his specific vision for the future of the built environment.  After having mastered the global scale and a range of typologies, FGP wanted to turn his focus to the level of the detail and begin designing experiences that would allow different programs to depart from their standard form and typology in order to become their own unique species.  The experiences that FGP Atelier creates are defined by their atmosphere, bespoke attention to detail, connection to the local material construction tradition, and lightness in the way that the building touches the ground and skillfully becomes integrated with the context in which it lives.  They are derived from site, program, material, ecology, and energy performance in order to create an intelligent building.  The result is a cinematic experience that at once makes the building at home within its environment and, at the same time, creates an elevated experience that transports the inhabitant so that they might learn, live, love, and thrive in the world.Although FGP Atelier is the first time that FGP has designed exclusively under his own brand, he has expressed his vision in independent projects from his first period in Mexico City, via projects that bare his unmistakable vision while collaborating with Jahn and serving as President, and through independent projects he did outside of Jahn during that period of practice.  Highlights from the Mexico City period include a summerhouse in the ‘Huasteca Tamaulipeca’, Casa Museo M5, Casa Zárate in Oaxaca, and Casa Paredes in Mexico City as well as work for corporate clients such as General Motors, Lucent Technologies, and Price Waterhouse.  While at Jahn, he left his distinct mark on Veer Towers in Las Vegas, Leatop Plaza in Guangzhou, Doha Convention Center, and Japan Post Tower among many others.  It was during this period that he realized the award-winning Spacecraft – executed independently – in Valencia in 2014 for Porcelanosa as a modular prefabricated micro-dwelling allowing for variable configurations and extreme efficiency.  FGP also designed and built the Orchid Educational Pavilion as an educational tool in the Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca.  The pavilion was constructed by local craftsmen from local materials and utilized a range of passive systems in order to be entirely self-sustaining.  The Orchid Educational Pavilion was nominated for the prestigious Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize in January of 2018.

After ending his collaboration with Jahn, FGP founded FGP Atelier on September 1st of 2017.  FGP Atelier is currently focused on the following projects among others: Tecnano (30,000 M2 Nanotechnology Lab and Corporate Accelerator at Monterey Tec that will be completed in 2020), Diablos Stadium (100,000 M2 baseball stadium under construction in Mexico City that will be completed in 2018), Shenzhen Gate (240,000 M2 200M tall office and retail complex under construction that will be completed in 2018), Land Rover HQ Shanghai (200,000

M2 office and retail complex under construction that will be completed in 2018), Shanghai International Financial Center (550,000 M2 220 M tall headquarters, office, exhibition, and trading complex under construction that will be completed in 2018), Guangzhou International Cultural Center (GICC) (150,000 M2 320 M tall office building that will be completed in 2020), and the Rectoria at Monterey Tec (a renovation of the historic administration building to be completed in 2018).


1970                     Born February 13, in Mexico City, Mexico

1991                     Graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico

1999                     Graduated from Harvard Design School, Cambridge, USA

1999                     Joined Murphy/Jahn

2006                     Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City Visiting Professor

2007                     Universidad Anahuac, Mexico City, Visiting Professor

2008                     ITESM, Mexico City, Visiting Professor

2009                     Harvard University, Lecture

2008                     FGP becomes Helmut Jahn’s first first design partner and shareholder / Partner in 2008

2009-12              IIT, Triple Zero High Rise Studio in collaboration with Dr. Prof. WernerSobek

2012                     FGP rebrands Murphy/Jahn as JAHN and becomes President

2013                     Young Presidents Organization Inductee

2014                     Fellow Chicago Council on Global Affairs

2015                     Fellow Urban Design Forum

2016                     Fellow Alumni Society

2017                     FGP Atelier. Founder


 1992-93                              Casa Veranda, El Encino, Mexico

2003-16                              Orchid Educational Pavilion, Oaxaca, Mexico

2003-06                              Highlight Munich Business Towers, Munich, Germany with JAHN

2003-06                              State Street Village, Chicago, Illinois with JAHN

2005-09                             M5, Oaxaca, Mexico

2006-15                              Doha Convention Center, Doha, Qatar  with JAHN

2006-10                              Veer Towers, Las Vegas, Nevada with JAHN

2006-10                              Hafen Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany with JAHN

2007-20                              Nanjing Tower, Nanjing, China with JAHN

2007-12                              Leatop, Guangzhou, China with JAHN

2008-15                              Japan Post Tower, Tokyo, Japan with JAHN

2008-14                              Gran Tokyo Towers, Tokyo, Japan with JAHN

2009-18                              Shanghai International Financial District, Shanghai, China with JAHN

2014-18                              Diablos Stadium, Mexico City

2014-18                              Shenzhen Gate, Shenzhen

2014-18                              Land Rover HQ, Shanghai, PRC

2017-present                    Rectoria and La Hoja, Monterrey , Mexico

2017-present                    Ligera, Oaxaca, Mexico.

2017-present                    Tecnano Monterrey, Mexico

2017-present                    GICC Tower, Guangzhou. PRC.


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