Autor: Cheungvogl Architects

Poetic Pragmatism
Cheungvogl is an architecture and design studio, founded in 2008 by Judy Cheung and Christoph Vogl in Hong Kong, with site offices in Germany and China. The studio is currently working on projects of different scales in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia and the United States.

Their work includes the creation of an open exhibition and multi-space around a robotic system within the restoration of the 110 year old iconic department store, “Au Pont Rouge” in Saint Petersburg, Russia (2016), the art gallery “Taghaus” in Düsseldorf, Germany (2015), an exhibition space conceptualized around the perception of art in changing natural daylight as an indoor-outdoor sculpture garden, forming a continual exploration of Zhou Gallery in Dalian, China (2011) in which natural light guides visitors between exhibits. In overcoming architectural and programmatic predefinitions, Cheungvogl formulates the idea of “Super Typologies”, which finds its expression in the design for a car park, where the green walls form a natural biotope in the dense district of Shinjuku, Tokyo, while the inside functions as an open street art gallery (2010- ). In the winning design for the international competition of the Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal in Seoul (2017), Cheungvogl manifests their philosophy of “Poetic Pragmatism”, aspiring to touch human hearts with poetic senses.

Their work has won Cheungvogl numerous Awards, such as the A’ Design Gold and Silver Award (2013-14), finalists for the Architizer Awards (2017), the Design prize (2017), the Surface Design Award (2017 and 2014) and The German Design Award (2013). In 2017, Frame named Cheungvogl one of “20 designers and brands to define our tomorrow”.

Cheungvogl consistently explores connections between art, science and philosophies. Their simultaneous analysis of sensual and rational thinking is pertinent in creating values and qualities to architecture. While their thinking is focused and directed on achieving highly rational, productive and efficient results, their work speaks of a specific kind of subtle sensitivity that touches and connects people emotionally. Their engagement with ‘time’ as an integral part of the design palette forms new interpretations and experiences within the context of space. The seemingly effortless choreography between time, architecture, art and culture is their passion and commitment.

Collectively, they designed and realized more than 100 international projects varying in scales prior to founding Cheungvogl. Selected projects in international collaborations include Wembley Stadium in London, UK; AIHQ Queen Anne’s Gate in London, UK; Sama Dubai Towers in Melbourne, Australia and in Casablanca, Morocco; Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan; Madison Avenue Tower in New York City, USA, Centralized Science Laboratories in Hong Kong, China and University of Student Housing in Pennsylvania, USA.


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