Autor: Bloom Design

LI Bao-Long  Creative Director
I would love to invite people to experience the pleasure of fresh ideas through design!

Li Bao-Long devotes his mind to fashion design, and creates experiential spaces through brand thinking. He approaches every project from the perspective of a customer, conceives of an ideal space that customers are looking for, and finally tries the design idea out in actual practice. Through experimental and research-based methods, more possibilities of design are found, and endless surprises are brought to customers.

CHEN Xiao-Hu  Design Director
Terminal is the direct narrator of a brand’s value, is the first place where customers get to know a brand and is the main battlefield where a brand gain recognition. —Chen Xiaohu

After offering design services to numerous commercial brands, Chen Xiao-Hu, as a brand designer, his concept of service “boundary” is blurred. His designing service covers different fields, including marketing planning, brand image and commercial space. In this fast-changing world where the new always takes the place of the old, design needs to break through “single approach”, to inject new energy into brands through crossover design, and help clients to create a highly competitive experience space with great commercial value and humanistic culture by using creative concepts and brand thinking.

Bloom Design was established in Shenzhen, a City of Design. Founding partners Li Baoling and Chen Xiaohu are now serving as the Creative Director and Design Director respectively. Bloom Design is an institution combines diverse creative design services which focuses on fashion brand design. Its service covers commercial space, retail space of fashion brands and brand image design.

With years’ of experience in fashion brand designing service, the team is more sensible to fashion and more passionate about new projects. In order to offer creative solutions to our clients, Bloom Design explores creative combination of art and commerce actively. Based on our rich experience and groundbreaking techniques, we have created some highly competitive and inspiring multi-dimensional brand experiences successfully. Our works have been widely published in many well-known professional design magazines, such as Interior Design China, FRAME China, China Interior Design Annual, id+c (Interior Design and Construction), Times Space, Modern Decoration, Designer and so on.


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