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St. Mary’s Medieval Mile Museum

St. Mary’s Church in Kilkenny has been converted into the Medieval Mile Museum. The building houses the city’s Civic Treasures and displays many important carved limestone tombs and funerary monuments from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Lafayette Anticipations

A late 19th century building is refurbished for Fondation d’Entreprise Galeries Lafayette to house exhibition and production spaces, with a focus on creation, innovation and research.

Museum of Arts

The creation of this new museum quarter incorporates several key extension buildings that link the existing 19th-century ‘Palais’ and the 17th-century Oratory Chapel which operates as a temporary art installation.

Desert City

Desert City is a multi-functional complex dedicated to the celebration of xerophyte plants and the production of a broad culture of interests focused on these species. It promotes a landscape/cultural program that defends dry or waterless landscaping as necessary in a semi-desert climate like that of southern Europe.

Civic Centre Lleialtat Santsenca

Three starting points: understanding the historic value of Lleialtat Santsenca (1928),an old working class cooperative in the Sants area; knowing to the detail the building’s physical state to maintain as much as possible; and being sensitive to the whole collaborative process launched in 2009 by neighborhood organizations to recover the building.

Ryhove Urban Factory

‘The Ryhove urban factory is an example of how industry can fit in to the city. It brazenly exhibits its function and claims a prominent place for industry within the city limits, while blending in with the residential area. Skilled crafts people can find a place to work here, rather than in the city outskirts, far from where they live.’ (Mark Brearley).

PC Caritas

What if a built environment that has lost its meaning and purpose and what if that building is not to be refurbished towards an other program or functionality and so by that is expected to be demolished…what if the building is just kept and prepared to become an experimental space to re-discover and -explore and -define possible other ways of life.

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