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Architectural drawings from the 1930s are dusted off in Snøhetta’s proposal for the reconstruction of the venerable harbor bath Knubben in Arendal, Norway. The iconic facility is set to be revived as a gift to the town before its 300th anniversary in 2023.

North Habour

SLETH won the open, international planning competition about the transformation of the industrial harbour into a livable new city district together with Cobe and Sangberg and has since the structural plan collaborated on the construction of several urban spaces, landscapes and local plans within the plan.


In the south of France, the Department of the Alpes-Maritimes is responsible for the management, maintenance and operation of departmental roads. The organization of the road section includes departmental development subdivisions and several operating centers.


The new Warsaw headquarters of Red Bull are located in a postwar industrial building enclosed in a XIX century fort rampart. The building served as a radio and TV compartments production hall since 1960 and was revamped later on into a design workshop and office hub.

Huanggang Port Area Masterplan

The future Huanggang Port Area masterplan in Shenzhen, China will be an important node of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Corridor, creating a hub of scientific research and collaboration in industries such as microelectronics, material development, artificial intelligence, robotics, and medical sciences.

The Most Micro-brewery

The Most Micro-brewery follows on from our existing micro-brewery projects of Hostivar 1 and 2, Trautenberk and Spojovna. These were designed by the studio for a network of shareholder owners. This time, the micro-brewery is located on the outskirts of Most – a town in the Ustí nad Labem region in northwest Bohemia.


A virtuous example of coexistence between the industrial and the agricultural world, Powerbarn by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti in Russi (Ravenna, Italy) interprets the conversion process of part of an industrial area, once property of the Eridania sugar company, into a bioenergy production plant.

Ryhove Urban Factory

‘The Ryhove urban factory is an example of how industry can fit in to the city. It brazenly exhibits its function and claims a prominent place for industry within the city limits, while blending in with the residential area. Skilled crafts people can find a place to work here, rather than in the city outskirts, far from where they live.’ (Mark Brearley).

COR Cellars

Seattle-based goCstudio, an architecture studio known for its innovative work and collaborations with artists and craftsmen, has completed COR Cellars winery located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

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