Buda Hotel

As the south extension of the city, the traffic of the Yizhou Avenue is efficient. In this district,identical buildings and roads form the so-called new urban landscape , however, decrease the warmth and narrative of the traditional Chengdu life style.

This project locates miles away from downtown, away from hustle and bustle of the city.

How would this new hotel develop with a busy street just next door while an old community on the other side.

Even as a temporary residence, this place could definitely release fatigue of travelers.

Visual design is in the second place here, and living experience is significant improved by the consideration of functional settings. Thereby the spacial design can give a new birth of ordinary daily life.

By connecting the shape of the shelter with the original building, we are intend to create a small shelter for guests during their hurry traveling. Eventually, art work is naturally bound to the space.

It is not only an exploration of the shape of space, it is an exploration of dramatic daily life.

In this contemporary society,  people should not only care about the efficient and decent life, but also retain the fleeting “fun”.

The entrance of the hotel is covered by an arcuate ceiling which brings guests a feeling of home and shows the hotel’ s open attitude.

More possibilities are given by emptying the space.

Artificial light source , which illuminates the space, the atmosphere, and also the people, will be a guidance, and guide the guests to explore the space.

As the inherent design techniques and visual styles are abandoned, we expect to find the possibility of dialogue between people and space , and provide the guest an opportunity to discover their unique self in normal daily life.

Traditional hotel amenities including the fitness, restaurants, bars, office and meeting places will be presented in a different way.

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Working, playing, living and sociality are harmonious here.

A soul is defined as something intangible, not physical.It also suggests a connection to a greater spirit.So if a hotel has a soul, it would have a life beyond its physical walls. Let’s call that soulfulness.

And what the most important element of creating a hotel with soul will always be having a staff that creates those stories that bring you closer to the destination.And create the moments that connect all of us.

The space is not big, while fits like a glove.

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