Casa Green Lattice

Defining the architectural lines through the nature's concrete eyes.

Renesa Architecture Studio, New Delhi, India newest addition to the residential arena, Casa Green Lattice is a revamp/refurbish project that plays with the volumetric approach of the existing old dilapidated built structure’s facade and blankets a different architectural mass to it to play with the ideology of the existing concrete and the nature.

For the client, the basic need of getting the nature and fresh air into his house was the need of the hour with the current environmental issues pertaining in the capital metropolis and hence had a simple ideology of not changing the structure but wanting the architects to innovate with the existing commodity to merge in with the presence of a green skin and tone for his private residence in New Delhi. Renesa Architecture Studio looked at the juxtaposition of the city life versus nature and immersed half the built mass into nature and the other into the present concrete through the architectural lines.

Casa Green Lattice has been conceptualized on the basic principle of not only trying to reduce the carbon footprint of an existing building but also using the nature/greens as an aesthetic commodity to compliment the forgotten nature in our city. An imprint of right architectural ratio with the right amount of greens to infuse the nature into the built mass, Casa Green Lattice provides a simple solution for the potential utilization of such old forgotten structures in our societies.

The old structure with a very heavy concrete slabs inhibited natural light, proper ventilation and circulation within the house and hence the architects had to clean up the external mass and heaviness and create a simple straight structural skin to further play on the architecture with a tinge of green lattice to provide the right pause to the facade development. The use of the external heavy slabs  compliment and give a sense of horizontality to the building. The design ideology of dividing the facade into two halves created an interesting (green planter) permeable layer leading onto the solid massing of the elevation treatment.

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The planters and the layer of different draping plants were arranged along the side balconies running into the railings to not only provide cool fresh air to ventilate the space but also to cut down on the solar gains and hence provide the sustainable aspect to the whole design theory of this house.

At the same time, the green planter skin provides a different dimension to the whole design scheme of transitional facade. The draping plants with their different colors,sizes, schemes change with the seasons and provide an another story for the facade along with the added benefits of summer heat losses and winter heat gains.

While the horizontality of the thick old slabs have been merged with the steel planter design detail to soften the look , the integration of the permeable nature skin promotes a rejuvenation and renaissance of the old structure and hence contribute to finding an architectural solution to the ever so polluted Delhi environment.

By combining the inherent idea of architectural play and tranquility, the architects(RENESA) come down to an immersive and multi-disciplinary environment for the viewer to experience where the greenery becomes an omnipresent element for the Casa Green Lattice.

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