Based in Foshan, China, TOPWAY DESIGN is dedicated to working on a wide range of commercial interior projects including headquarters, exhibition spaces, offices, entertainment spaces, hotels, and shopping malls, etc., and provides clients with integrated design solutions that cover project planning, landscape, architectural appearance, interior space, decoration and furnishings.

The company adheres to originality and humanism of spaces, and advocates the coordinated integration of functionality, culture and aesthetics. In addition to providing unique experiences for all five senses, we strive to create added value for spaces to the largest extent possible, emphasize the importance of commercial logic and operational principles for spaces, and attach great importance to execution and realization of design concepts. Besides, we insist on fusing art and nature with commercial spaces in a perfect manner, work on combination of Oriental and Western aesthetics with an international vision, and strive to incorporate trans-boundary thinking as well as modern design philosophy into specific projects.

FOSHAN TOPWAY DESIGN is equipped with a group of young, professional, energetic and passionate people, which ensures a smooth process for each project in every step, ranging from preliminary planning to design scheme, technical support, execution and realization. Thanks to efficient cooperation and unremitting efforts of the team, Topway Design has won wide recognition and praise from the market and industry and has established itself as a world-class spatial design company excelling at commercial value creation.

So far, FOSHAN TOPWAY DESIGN has completed lots of projects throughout China and served for multiple prestigious brands, and is productive each year. Plenty of our works have been awarded by various domestic and global design competitions. Looking forward, we will continue to create more works that feature exceptional design and deliver brand value for our clients.




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