Autor: MDU Architetti

mdu architetti is an associated firm established in Prato, Italy in 2001 by Valerio Barberis (1971), Alessandro Corradini (1964) and Marcello Marchesini (1970), later joined by Cristiano Cosi (1974). As regards their design approach, the members of mdu say: “The sphere of activities includes contemporary landscapes, physical and non-physical places now inhabited by humans. The method is based on doubt, the neverending discussion of all that appears obvious, usual and certain, in the conviction that there are many invisible cities besides the official one. The approach is aimed at seeking new trajectories through a different, transgressive look at each landscape. The purpose is to pierce reality: architecture is a collision between the identities that comprise each landscape.”

mdu’s works have received many awards and much recognition, and have featured in national and international publications. The firm has been invited to participate in several exhibitions and workshops both in the main Italian cities (Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome) and abroad (Lisbon, London, Oslo and Shanghai). Completed works include: the Poolhouse Fioravanti in Prato, the RRS & Feng Lin showroom in Shanghai, the EsseBi showroom in Agliana (PT), the Contemporary Art Gallery of Florence dedicated to Giuliano Vangi, the transformation of industrial buildings into lofts in Prato, the Municipal Library of Greve in Chianti (FI), and the Theatre of Montalto di Castro (VT).

Works under construction include: the Municipal Theatre and Media Library of Acri (CS), the Castelnuovo Social Club (PO), the new premises of the Prato Chamber of Commerce, the Metropolitan commercial-residential centre in Livorno and the Italian Trade Centre “I Principi d’Italia” in Quanjiao (Anhui, China). As well as their professional activities, the members of mdu are also dedicated to research and teaching. Valerio Barberis and Marcello Marchesini (who both have PhDs in architectural design) are currently adjunct professors in Architecture Design at the Faculties of Architecture of Florence and Parma. Alessandro Corradini holds a fellowship in art and architecture at the Schloss Solitude Academy in Stuttgart.

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Prato Lofts, Toscana en Italia

Los Lofts Prato, diseñados por el estudio de arquitectura italiano MDU architetti, es una investigación sobre las profundas y complejas relaciones entre el espacio público de la ciudad y la intimidad del espacio de vida privado. Los Lofts Prato interpretan el tema, generando espacios interiores que se ocultan del caos urbano con un silencioso muro de hormigón.

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