Autor: DHB Design

Mark Sun

Based on years of experience and unique understanding of spaces, he interprets elastic aesthetics in his design concept. Starting from the four dimensions of time, space, function and form, he applies colors according to subjects. The concept of elasticity runs through the interaction between people and spaces in his design, and the space aesthetics that changes in balance is pursued. He strictly control the design details from a professional point of view at all stages to ensure that projects are completed with the highest quality.


Senior project soft decoration leader. With an international vision and keen market insight, Ms. Yihan can provide customers with rigorous design thinking from a professional point of view in simple language with her sensitivity to color and her background in British visual communication major. She advocates to intervene in the early stage of projects to create more aesthetic possibilities that are in line with spaces and integrated into one, and use designs to support the beauty of spaces to help future users perceive a refined and warm lifestyle. She is committed to creating flexible spaces that are aesthetic, practical and long-term symbiosis, allowing users to enjoy a quality life. Starting from the flexible interaction between people and spaces, her design takes into account artistic vision and comfortable body sense, provides full-case landing services, and creates ultimate spaces with strict standards.


It is a leading organization in elastic space design in China that proposes the design concept of «elasticism aesthetics». DHB DESIGN, co-founded by Mark Sun and Han Yi in 2018, it is an advanced interior customization agency for space design.

DHB Design is committed to creating the most livable and flexible living aesthetic spaces and interpreting the connotation of the oriental elites. In line with the design concept of «pursuing balanced design and building a quality life», after years of painstaking polishing, it provides comprehensive and ultimate design consulting services for elite clients in the fields of large luxury residences, private residences, brand exhibition halls, corporate offices, commercial retail and other fields.


GIANT Floor Exhibition Hall

El proyecto está ubicado en el Hall 2, Fusen Mall, Chengdu, China, que reúne muchas marcas y también forma un centro de experiencia de compras inmersivo único. El proyecto está en el lado izquierdo de la escalera mecánica en el tercer piso del centro comercial, frente al atrio, pero es fácil que los consumidores lo pasen por alto en la vista real. Cómo resolver este problema es un problema urgente para el diseño.

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