Tropolism Exclusive: Pop-Up Park Updates

The Brooklyn Bridge Pop-Up Park--our favorite platform for viewing, er, lower Manhattan and whatever else might be down there--is getting refined as it gets closer to getting built (click the above image for full-sized goodness). What you're seeing there is painted asphalt (minus the multi-colored action in the previous renderings), grassy mounds, and the tree/sandbox area on the right. It's essentially the same plan, minus the super colors. Beyond is the asphalt wasteland that where the warehouses used to be, blocking the public's access to the water. The inside story is as interesting as the design: almost all of the materials are being donated. The paint, trees, plantings, planter boxes, hay bales, plexiglas (on the perimeter fence) and some labor is all being donated. So not only is this a pop-up park, but it's becoming more open-source too.

Scalae Gerardo Caballero

Puede que se deba al apellido de Gerardo: Caballero, puede que no tenga sentido alguno la ocurrencia e incluso que jamás haya cabalgado, pero no resulta difícil imaginar al arquitecto rosarino a lomos de un corcel. Nada quijotesco, por otra parte.

Premio Innovación y Calidad Urbana

El premio “Innovación Calidad Urbana” establece un “ámbito de contenido” que enfrenta aspectos estratégicos de la transformación de las ciudades y del espacio público. En dicho premio interviene, en la categoría Ciudad y Arquitectura / Nuevos usos y Proyectos, la propuesta para el Edificio Tecnológico de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario.

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Tipped off by a reader to the VM Mountain in Copenhagen, we began to explore the website of Bjarke Ingels Group Architects (BIG for short). While the VM Mountain is impressive, we were drawn to the Psychiatric Hospital in Helsingor, Denmark, pictured. Wade into their delightfully cute website to find it yourself (code name PSY). Click Continue Reading for another picture of the Hospital.

Tropolism Exhibitions: Vanishing America

We are midwesterners, so we understand how fragile most of these structures are. They are remote. They are owned by people who use them for a purpose, not fawn over them for their aesthetic value. They have no publicity machine behind them. Michael Eastmen captures decaying vernacular American architecture in his new show and book Vanishing America. The show runs through July 19 at DNJ Gallery in Los Angeles.

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