Tipología:Suburban houses


Cabin Stokkøya

This is an all-year cabin for a family of five at Stokkøya, an island situated on the outermost coast of Trøndelag, Norway. Situated on a hillside, the site offers dramatic views in two directions; towards Linesøya, the open sea and horizon to the west and towards the dramatic landscape to the north. The site is situated on a steep, but even slope, with low vegetation and limited natural shelter from the wind.

Avalanche House

Located on an exposed site in an Alpine Region, Central Otago New Zealand, this home required meticulous consideration to the planning and spacial arrangement. The outlook and mountain views are captivating & the building is sited in such a way to embrace the environment.


ANNSO HILL, located in Heshun Ancient Town of Yunnan, is situated in a narrow alleyway lined with B&Bs and storefronts. The site is composed with two characteristically different lot spaces forming an inverted“L”shape, which begins with a compressed street front zone on a steep slope, and ends on a long serene hillside aligned with beautiful tall trees.


A45 is the first prototype constructed in upstate New York and will be customizable inside and out for future home-owners to purchase, tailor and have the tiny house built within 4-6 months in any location, for any purpose.

House in Possanco

The cultural meeting point joining the house owners and the architects was based on their common interest: an undoubtedly contemporary architecture, but one whose nature and final expression would also be the outcome of a research of the paradigms figuring in the traditional architecture of the region, the Alentejo.

Apan Prototype

Designed by Francisco Pardo Arquitecto, the Apan Prototype is part of the project “Del Territorio al Habitante” ("From the Territory to the Inhabitant"). This research program, promoted by INFONAVIT (Housing Institute of Mexico) through the Investigation Center for Sustainable Development (CIDS), seeks to improve the quality of rural-housing and assisted self-construction in the Mexican territory.

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