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Pavilion Z

The reconstruction of Pavilion Z restores its original beauty and simplicity, and the A8000 studio undertook the reconstruction confidently but with respect for history. The pavilion is characterised not only by its design, but also by its multifunctionality, which allows the investor to use the space efficiently throughout the year.

House with In-law Suite

Located on the south edge of the Rybí village, Moravian-Silesian Region, the building site is marked out by the edge of the access road, the local stream and neighbouring property fencing. It is a sizeable plot of land, but with a significantly reduced buildable area.

Kabelovna Studios

Kabelovna Studios introduce a new concept for music recording and post-production environments. Neon lights, designed by the architects, in the shape of sound waves, dominate the space and accentuate the atmosphere of a comfortable home environment, unexpectedly set in a raw industrial framework with a high-tech touch.

Revitalization of Prague’s First Skyscraper

The former Palace of the General Pension Institute is one of the most prominent examples of Functionalist architecture in interwar Czechoslovakia. Inspired, among others, by the work of Le Corbusier, young Avant-garde architects Josef Havlíček and Karel Honzík designed an open-cross plan building – the first Prague skyscraper conceived as a solitaire amongst the typical residential block buildings of the time.

Kocanda Kravsko

The project addresses the first stage of the conversion of the area of a former ceramics factory in a small south Moravian village Kravsko. The central baroque building was originally built as a Coach Inn on the route Prague-Vienna.


The number sixty-nine is more than a sexually coded reference, which was not the inspiration for designing this space. However, neither the number sixty-nine nor the colors used are random. The inspiration for the interior and its numeric theme were paintings.

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