The new Warsaw headquarters of Red Bull are located in a postwar industrial building enclosed in a XIX century fort rampart. The building served as a radio and TV compartments production hall since 1960 and was revamped later on into a design workshop and office hub.

Concordia Design Wrocław

MVRDV has completed construction of Concordia Design, a mixed use building containing co- working spaces, an event venue, a food hall, a café, and a rooftop terrace on Słodowa Island in Wrocław, Poland. The project is a renovation and extension of a 19th-century listed building, retaining the façade of the existing building and adding a contemporary extension to create a focal point for the neighbouring park and a destination that will enhance the experience of the island for visitors.

Laka Competition 2017: Architecture that Reacts

We invite designers from around the world to submit their ideas of architecture that reacts. That means architecture which is able to respond and adjust dynamically to the current needs and circumstances.

Katyn Museum

Katyn Museum is there to commemorate a painful episode of Polish history which took place during the World War II when over a twenty thousands of Polish military officers and state officials were brutally murdered by the Soviet Secret Police.

Fence House

In Borówiec near Poznań, once again a house designed by mode:lina™  studio was built. Form of this house: two blocks with a sloping roof and an asymmetric garage cube, is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional style. It is complemented with simple, raw materials: bricks, concrete and sheet in shades of gray.

House in Krostoszowice

Krostoszowice is a village in a southern part of Silesia (region in Poland). The Investor owns large parcel with a significant slope in the east. The building should to stand on the highest point of the parcel, close to the road, in the north- west corner.

Laka Competition: 2016 Results Announced

The second edition of the Laka Competition: “Architecture that reacts” came to a close and we can hardly wait to reveal this year's main prizes and honorable mentions, which came as a result of an animated exchange of views of the Judging Panel, consisting of leaders in architecture and design, renowned experts, educators, researchers and practitioners who determine the directions of development of modern architecture.

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