Tipología:Suburban houses


The Olive Tree House

The client brief for this small summer house located in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece called for a low-maintenance weekend home located on a pristine olive grove hill overlooking the sea, and beyond towards the famous monasteries of Mount Athos.


It’s a striking piece of architecture, a belvedere that occupies a dominant position in the landscape. Its sculptural, monolithic and uniform shape rests on a windowless podium. Its height makes it visible from a distance and invisible at the bottom, concealed by vegetation.


The very idea of housing on the site seems to us inseparable from the exercise of creating accommodation that is the least like a house as possible and that allows for an existence in harmony with the magnificence of the landscape, with no restrictions or limits between the house and its surroundings.

Casa C52

When we received the demand, one of the first things we thought about was: let’s get away of the classic tipology of the exposed house, so massively used in the condominiums of the region – with from top to bottom glazing and a two-story high ceiling.

Villa Rypen

Villa Rypen is a single-storey detached house situated on the edge of a forest in Aarhus. Inspired by the unique site, the forest is invited in, and the house extends its terraces to reach out to the forest's tall trees, and also to the garden.

Fanu House

This project took form in the proximity of the village of Ansião, on a reasonably-sized, slightly slopping stretch of land, enriched by oak and olive trees. Naturally embedded amidst the surrounding vegetation, it aims to preserve the pre-existing nature.

Casa Osa

Casa Osa is a vacation home for an American doctor and his family on the Osa Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean coast of Costa Rica. The house occupies the small plot of a former mango farm on top of a hill to avoid any intervention in the virgin forest surrounding it.

T4 House

T4 HOUSE is a house located in the same massively constructed villas with the typical design. But to the landlord it’s a “timeline” with many ups and downs after more than a decade living there.

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