Curvilinear Serenity

Connecting Nature, History, and Modern Living

Connecting Inhabitants with the Land

The interior design was heavily influenced by the original landscape and the flow of human interaction. Three captivating curves, symbolizing earth, fire, and a tree, now grace the interior. These elements gently remind occupants of the land’s essence before the house emerged, forging a strong connection between residents and their surroundings.

This single-family house transcends the boundaries of traditional architecture. It serves as a living testament to the beauty of history preservation and the coexistence of nature and modern living. It’s not merely bricks and mortar; it’s an architectural narrative where heritage, sustainability, and natural integration intersect.

Harmonious Restoration in Iceland: A Tribute to History and Nature

In an age where the preservation of heritage meets the harmonious embrace of modernity, a unique architectural endeavor has emerged in Garðabær, Iceland. This single-family house serves as a testament to the integration of history, nature-inspired design, and sustainability.

Preserving Heritage Amidst Modern Trends

Nestled in the heart of Arnarnes peninsula, this single-family house is a tribute to the neighborhood’s cherished history. In an area where time-honored structures are gradually making way for contemporary homes, this project takes a distinctive path. The approach employed pays homage to the heritage of the location, cherishing the character of an old house amidst a changing architectural landscape.

Nature as an Integral Part of the Design

Inspired by the site’s characteristics and the thriving natural ecosystem, the design was guided by an unexpected discovery during the roofing process. A habitat for bees and birds was uncovered, prompting an extension of the roof to create a nurturing environment for local wildlife and a unique synergy between the environment and the built structure.

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The Rammed Earth Wall

An exceptional feature of this project is the striking rammed earth wall. Unearthed during the excavation for a new piping system, the surplus soil was ingeniously transformed into a central architectural element. This rammed earth wall not only contributes character and texture to the overall composition but also stands as a testament to sustainable design principles.

A Holistic Approach to Design

Every facet of the project, from the landscape and interior design to the structure itself, was thoughtfully curated by the dedicated team. The commitment to a holistic vision ensured a seamless integration of architectural elements, all while prioritizing sustainability. Materials from the site were maximized, and those from the old house were repurposed, minimizing waste and embracing eco-friendly practices.

Inspiration from the Earth and Its History

Paving stones that once served a different purpose were given new life, thoughtfully repurposed as a cozy seating area around the fireplace. The architectural journey took us beneath the surface, unveiling unexpected treasures, including the remarkable rammed earth wall.

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