152 Elizabeth Street Condominiums

Situated within the seven unit ultra-luxury condominiums at 152 Elizabeth Street, the model apartment exemplifies the environmental elements of light, air, sound and water that define the condominium’s identity.

Embellishing the artful play of light and shadow in the lobby of the building, the model apartment interior similarly captures the natural light diffused through the six foot tall operable windows balanced by the nine feet tall floating white ceiling and wall planes, carrying the signature Gabellini Sheppard ‘reveals’ that serve to create the sense of floating volumes within a continuous space. The natural daylight with north and south exposures and floating effect of the ceiling and walls is paired with ambient light features that carefully illuminate the interior accentuating the abundant light, providing an ambient glow within the spatial composition. Light is thought about as a material substance with tangible qualities in and of itself and serve to activate spaces and elements throughout the apartment. Spatial illumination features such as light veils, perimeter ambient lines of light and gradated light planes are employed to create a harmonic sense of place, exemplified within the light niche by the apartment foyer.

Complementing the ambient radiance, the white oiled wide plank Dinesen oak wood flooring brings a sense of warmth and comfort with the varied wide widths demonstrating the traditional Danish method of installation by utilizing the majority of the tree material, eliminating the unusable excess typically produced. The Dinesen wrapped gallery serves a dual purpose creating a visual separation between public and private spaces. This is highlighted by the full height Dinesen doors of the master bedroom designed to seamlessly pocket into the corridor walls, creating a continuous surface, enabling the accessible flow throughout the apartment.

These residences have been individually tailored to create the most optimal proportioning and layout of space. Every design choice is complimentary and fluid, allowing for the enhancement of comfort by elevating the daily activities, while at the same time heightening the functional performance of life with the aesthetics of living.

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