Autor: Shanghai United Design Group Co., Ltd (UDG)

UDG is a comprehensive, diverse, and international design group, holding A-Grade qualification in construction engineering, A-Grade qualification in urban and rural planning, and B-Grade qualification in landscape design. The group is headquartered in Shanghai and has established 16 branches in multiple cities and regions including Beijing, Qingdao, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Hefei, Jinan, Changsha etc. UDG boasts a professional design team consisting of nearly 3,000 people, including architects, engineers, planners, landscape designers, interior designers, construction management experts who come from famous design companies at home and abroad.

Over the past two decades, UDG has established long-term strategic cooperation with numerous government departments, well-known real estate enterprises, and multinational companies, undertaking large-scale and complex design projects. Meanwhile, it has collaborated with many overseas excellent design companies, thus having accumulated rich information resources and international experience.

UDG pursues unique creations and styles, while providing perfect solutions for clients with a professional and dedicated attitude. With the mission of «Discover Client Demand, Create Value by Design», UDG adopts domestic and foreign cutting-edge design concepts and architecture technologies, reshaping the ideals and heights of urban architecture. Applying the «Grand Design» development strategy, the group provides systematic solutions for planning, architecture, interior, landscape as well as furniture design and products. UDG has been constantly exploring in the commercial sector, PC sector, and the field of long-term apartment rental; it also keeps developing its traditional business and extends the local markets to achieve breakthroughs. UDG always takes innovation as its driving force of creating diverse high-quality programs with visionary ideas, as a result of which it strives to create more valuable works for the architecture industry.


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