Autor: Taliesyn

Founder Profile – Ar. Shalini Chandrashekar

Co-Founder and Principal Architect, Taliesyn – Design & Architecture, Bangalore

Ar. Shalini Chandrashekar is the Co-Founder and Principal Architect at Taliesyn – Design & Architecture. She acquired her specialised degree in Spatial Design from Chelsea College, University of Arts London and jointly heads Taliesyn, Bangalore. With a diverse portfolio of spatial design projects conceptualised and executed under her leadership, Shalini has been a pivotal directive force behind the realisation of projects across scales and programmes at Taliesyn, imbuing each project with her inherent sense of detail and unconventional material articulation. She is committed to exemplary planning, design and execution of spaces and concepts across genres of residential, hospitality, cultural and institutional design; bestowing Taliesyn with acclaimed recognition both nationally and overseas.

Taliesyn’s design identity is representative of the rooted and sensorial ethos the firm curates while propelling appropriate design solutions to the forefront. Shalini’s inclination towards understanding the contextual and vernacular grammar of a space has catapulted the process of her founding a dedicated atelier under the overarching umbrella of Taliesyn. Her design practice is ameliorated by her active efforts directed towards researching local crafts and indigenous techniques of design; a process that entails working closely with artisans and craftsmen, bringing their artisanal creations to the limelight while shaping it to complement the demeanour of the space. Shalini assumed the role of a co-founder at Taliesyn in the year 2010. Prior to her coming on board as an Associate Designer at Taliesyn, Shalini honed her design skills through professional collaborations with esteemed studios such as  Vinnu Ponnappa Architects and D+A Architects, Bangalore.

Shalini believes that designed spaces that are weaved together at Taliesyn are a reflection of the design principles and experiences that the firm finds bearings in. Apart from the practice of architectural design, Shalini has also collaborated with various other design virtuosos in the field of Product and Furniture Design.



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