Autor: Didier Fiuza Faustino

Didier Faustino is an architect and artist working on the relationship between body and space.

He started his own practice at the crossroad of art and architecture just after graduating in architecture in 1995. He has been developing since then a multi-faceted approach, ranging from installation to experimentation, from visual art to the creation of multi-sensorial spaces and buildings. His projects are characterized by their critical perspectives, their freedom of codes and their ability to offer new experiences to the individual and collective body.

In some of his iconic works, such as Body in transit (Venice Biennale, 2000), a minimal space critiquing the transport of illegal immigrants, or One square meter house (Paris, 2007), a building prototype questioning the notions of land value and ownership, Faustino’s subversive stance invites us to question the political role of creation as well as our own position as a subject and a citizen.

With other main projects like Stairway to heaven (Castello Branco, 2001) –a public space for individual use– or (G)host in the (S)hell (Storefront NYC, 2008), he leads us to reconsider the boundaries between private and public, between personal and communal.

Faustino has designed several mobile architectures for private clients and international events: Arteplage Mobile du Jura (Swiss Expo 02, 2002), Temporary Autonomous Zone (Art Basel unlimited, 2004), The Hermès H Box (2006), a mobile video screening hall presented worldwide (London Tate Modern, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Beyeler Foundation in Basel…).

Exhibitions have been dedicated to his work in France (Frac Centre, Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine – CAM, Le Magasin in Grenoble), Portugal (Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian, Japan (CCA Kitakyushu, Hermès Foundation in Tokyo) and the USA (Laxart in Los Angeles, Storefront in NYC), among others. He has been invited as well to international biennials (Venice, Tapei, Yokohama, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Beijing, etc.) and frequently gives lectures at major universities and international institutions.

In 2009, he founded and curated the first Bordeaux Biennial Evento dedicated to art in the public space.

Didier Faustino currently works on three main architectural projects: a library and cultural center in Mexico City for Foundation Alumnos 47, an experimental house in Spain for the editor of the Solo Houses and a winery in Portugal. He also dedicates part of his time to teaching and is in charge of Diploma Unit 2 at the AA School in London since 2011.

Starting from September 2015, he will be the new editor in chief of the French architectural and design magazine CREE.

He is represented by Galerie Michel Rein in Paris, Galeria Filomena Soares in Lisbon and Galeria Parque in Mexico City.


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