Autor: BANDe Architects

BANDe Architects was founded in 2009 by young architects Kun Zhou and Lin Xu. The company is committed to architectural design and artistic creation. Adhering to the philosophy of “Beyond architecture, returns to nature”, the company engages architecture and artistic creation with a sincere attitude.

We believe Architectural design should “Beyond architecture, returns to nature”, which is the design philosophy that the company has always been adhering to. The so-called “Beyond architecture” means that avoiding excessive research on architectural forms and decorations, instead the design should start from spatial arrangement to carry out solid and practical architectural layout, which is also the essence of architectural design. The result of the architectural design should contribute to the spatial arrangement. This contribution is beyond the “architecture appearance” but a sense of space from the inside. “Returns to nature” means that architectural design should avoid formalism and decorativeism. Space abstraction, analysis, and creation should be carried out in the simplest way. The result of architectural design should be a reasonable and interesting spatial organization, not just a flashy appearance. “Beyond architecture” and “Returns to nature” are essentially one thing. Architectural design should be the process of translating from the core of space to the appearances. It is an invaluable exploration of the art of space.

Founder: Kun Zhou, Lin Xu

Kun Zhou and Lin Xu were graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and engaged in architecture and art creation ever since. After leaving the campus in 2006, Kun Zhou and Lin Xu have been rooted in projects and construction sites for a long, and have studied and worked with many construction craftsmen. The two adhered to the concept of “architectural design should return to fundamental practice”. In the long process of practice, the two gradually found their way. In 2009, they started Beijing BANDe Architectural Design Co., Ltd., and successively designed and built several construction projects in Beijing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Guangdong, and other places.



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