Autor: 2001

2001 is a Luxembourg-based architecture company founded in 2010 by Philippe Nathan, who was joined in 2014 by Sergio Carvalho as a partner.

The abstraction of the office’s name symbolizes its core ambition to operate discreetly yet determinedly, and serve strategically in the environment orchestrated by society, which defines its fields of interests, activities and scales: territories, buildings, spaces and ideas.

2001 has a dual approach: physical and built environments, in both the intellectual and cultural realms.

2001 thinks and produces architecture purified to the essential, responding in a rational and coherent way to the urgencies and needs of contemporary society.

2001 strives to contribute to the creation of a qualitative and sustainable living environment: through its spaces, uses and materials.

2001 is convinced that architecture can, and must have a beneficial impact on humanity, in both its built and cultural environments.

In 2012, the office was selected to curate the Luxembourg Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, and in 2018, partner Philippe Nathan was invited to co-curate the Luxembourg Pavilion at the Arsenale for the 16th edition of the Venetian event. In 2015, the firm was awarded the Luxembourg Architecture Prize for its Kitchenstories project.

The office is currently engaged in the construction of (among others): STELLAR, a collective housing block in Tetange, Luxembourg; MEDIK, a medical care centre in Kayl, Luxembourg; NICIBIE townhouse in Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg; and PLOFT, a car-collector’s garage in Schifflange, Luxembourg.

Simultaneously, the firm is designing several projects such as OBAN, a 24-unit housing block in Luxembourg city; ORIA, a 4-apartment block in the south of Luxembourg; and TAKE 5, five social houses for the governmental planning agency Fonds du Logement in Niederkorn, Luxembourg.


Philippe Nathan (Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg 1982) graduated cum laude in Architecture in 2009 at ISACF LaCambre in Brussels.

After collaborating with Brussels-based architecture office 51N4E for three years, he returned to Luxembourg and in 2010, founded 2001.

Beside 2001’s practice in architecture, urbanism and territorial development, Philippe Nathan intervenes in the local contemporary art scene through spatial installations and critical investigations, and has been a contributor, essayist, and jury member.

He taught at the University of Brussels in 2015, as a studio tutor at the summer school of the University of Luxembourg in 2016 and as an assistant at the ETH Zurich, from 2016 to 2018.


Sergio Carvalho (Luxembourg 1981) studied Architecture at ISACF LaCambre in Brussels and at the Politecnico di Milano in Milan.

After collaborating with Luxembourg-based architecture office Teisen-Giesler for three years, he moved back to Belgium in 2010 as an independent architect. In 2014, he joined 2001 as a partner.


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