The YrdPods are designed by award winning architects Kreis Grennan Architecture and crafted as a beautiful, minimal architectural statement, providing a flexible space, sitting comfortably in urban or rural sites. YrdPods are a type of tiny homes, a permanent and alternative structure to conventional house additions.

New Museum for Western Australia

Located in Perth’s Cultural Centre, the New Museum for Western Australia provides spaces for exhibitions and events, and new retail and dining opportunities for the Western Australian Museum, showcasing the State’s natural and cultural collections.


It’s no secret that everyone covets corner apartments. More light and better views, right? Well, not so with Abode318, our new Melbourne CBD residential apartment tower, where everyone gets a view: it’s democracy in action! Look closely at the wave-like 55 storey form and you will realise that each of the horizontal and vertical waves consist of individual rooms articulated as protrusions, creating the effect of a set of drawers pulled out at random.

Perfect Storm

Dubbed “the concrete bunker” for its deliberate use of rendered finishes, and rejection of ornamentation, this Camperdown apartment for two design professionals was conceived of as an intimate, yet utilitarian environment. Inspired by Brutalism and the local warehouse vernacular, extruded geometries and moody tones result in a minimalist and precise interior.

Empire House

Against the current Australian trend - to build large, fast and cheaply, Empire Canberra is a relatively small, hand-crafted home. Located on a beautiful, wide, tree-lined street, in a culturally significant and important part of the capital, Empire house is unapologetic in its architectural detail and craftsmanship, as this is what the area deserves.

Grant House

A hidden cellar, a central garden and a secret room in the roof, Grant House is Austin Maynard Architect’s most recent inner city renovation. Playful, imaginative and future-proofed, it draws on fifteen years experience and experimentation solving the problems posed by dark, narrow and poorly-circulated old terrace houses.

Fitzroy Loft

A repurposed chocolate factory in the heart of Melbourne’s inner city, Fitzroy Loft is a project that sensitively integrates the integrity and context of the building’s historical significance with a light and airy contemporary home.

Devil’s Corner

Located on the scenic drive along Tasmania’s East Coast, the new Devil’s Corner Cellar Door and Lookout sits within one of Tasmania’s largest vineyards, with a panoramic view over the Freycinet Peninsula. Reopened in December 2015, this project for Brown Brothers seeks to amplify the experience of this iconic view to create a new tourism experience on the East Coast of Tasmania.

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