The Loft, Hong Kong

Para el reposicionamiento de la cadena de restaurantes italianos “Spaghetti House” se aplicó el 'estilo loft' a su Tung Chung branch para brindar a los comensales una experiencia gastronómica idílica y hogareña. Los materiales utilizados, madera, ladrillos y cemento pulido, y el simple contraste de pintura roja y blanca en el interior generan una química visual en la que se funden elementos actuales y antiguos. Este diseño tipo loft minimalista evoca un ambiente sin terminar pero elegante y da la sensación de amplitud: la barra de fácil acceso, el banco de sofá y las estanterías contribuyen a crear un ambiente aireado y acogedor.

As part of the re-branding series for the chain Italian restaurant, the Spaghetti House, loft-style has been applied to its Tung Chung branch for bringing diners an idyllically homely dining experience which is based on the corporate strategy of creating a “house” context.

Raw materials, such as wood, bricks and polished concrete, and the simple contrast of red and white paint on the interior frame system generate visual chemistry towards the fusion of old and new elements. This minimalist loft layout evokes an unfinished yet chic ambience with the sense of spaciousness: the easily accessible bar, bench sofa and bookshelves contribute to the quality of an airy atmosphere with cosiness. Nonetheless, this open-concept space provides privacy where customers desire – semi-framed dining area has a particular proportion in the restaurant where one can still appreciate all the eclectic details in the discreetly luxurious interior.

Further to another part of the restaurant is a niche space formed by an existing staircase structure in the exterior. The designer has transformed this negative space into a loft in contemporary style with light-filled sensation full of charm. Graphics are the main focus of this area. The illustrations on the wall wrap the whole interior and feature domestic scene which help to guide people through the dining area in an unusual way. Adding home-setting graphics to the niche injects more personality and excitement into the space, while also triggering customers’ sense of belonging, comfort and relaxation as if a home offers. This combination of shapes and colours creates the character of the space and communicates a newly-built, stylish image of the restaurant.

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