TH!NK: Art + Architecture Camp

TH!NK es un campo de arte + arquitectura que reúne a participantes de diversos orígenes para explorar la relación entre el arte, la arquitectura y la comunidad con el objetivo de crear una estructura moderna con materiales sostenibles del medio ambiente, tales como tierra, paja, piedra, madera y materiales reutilizados. La presente edición comienza en Septiembre de 2012.

TH!NK is designed as an art+architecture camp to bring together participants from diverse backgrounds to explore the relationship between art, architecture and community to generate a modern structure using sustainable materials from the environment such as earth, straw, stone, wood, and recycled/reused materials. TH!NK seeks to immerse participant in the dialectics of observing, analyzing and drawing on the site-specific conditions to push for resourceful thinking. The goal is to adapt vernacular construction techniques and materials, such as cob, natural plaster, grass thatching and vaulted roof to create a vocational skills workshop/ learning center for the rural community. This project offers a unique opportunity for architects and builders at all levels to collaborate with artists in the design-build process for cross-fertilization of ideas and skills. Join us! Show the world how to re-think the vernacular African mud house! Project is organized by Nka Foundation in collaboration with CCEIR at the University for Development Studies in Tamale and Sang Project Focus Team mobilized through the United Nation’s onlinevolunteering.org.

What: Design-build camp for learning-by-doing on African architecture
Who can participate: Open to all students and graduates of design, architecture, art, engineering, camp leaders and schools interested in sustainable  architecture and rural community development projects in Africa.
Where: Sang Arts Village in Sang, 50 kilometers from Tamale in Northern Ghana

• 10×10 Shelter Workshop; September 2-30, 2012
• Rammed Earth Workshop; October 22, 2012- February 2, 2013
• Vault Roof for the Savannah; February 7 – May 7, 2013
• A Natural Acoustic Studio; March 21– May 7, 2013
• Open Forum; June 2 – August 2, 2013
• Sang Land Art Museum; October 2, 2013 – August 2, 2014

Cost: €1,040/$1,350 per person for the 6-week camp (Includes airport pick up, accommodation, food and project costs)
Deadline: No fixed deadlines (applications are accepted until all spots are filled)

More information > http://www.nkafoundation.org/

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