Studio Banana TV interviews Luisa Lambri

Studio Banana TV interviews Italian photographer Luisa Lambri on the occasion of her participation at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale. Architecture is a favorite subject for the Italian photographer, who approaches the houses subjectively and patiently. ‘I am photographing myself being there,’ she says.


Luisa Lambri’s photographs stand in clear contrast to the established practice of architectural photography which has traditionally focused its attention on the exteriors of buildings. She travels the world photographing architectural interiors, often spending extended periods of time experiencing the buildings before she begins shooting. Her photographs have captured unexpected moments and observations of houses by architects the likes of Alvar Aalto, Richard Neutra, R.M. Schindler, John Lautner, Philip Johnson, Luis Barragán, Marcel Breuer or Álvaro Siza. Her images give a sense of experience of being in the space as her photographs not only capture the physical topology of these structures but elaborate on the profound psychological and emotional responses they elicit from their inhabitants. She primarily photographs private houses, focusing on the view from the inside to the outside thereby establishing a physical and conceptual position for herself and the viewer. These delicately crafted images oscillate between objective representations of space and Lambri’s perceptions and reactions. Lambri utilizes traditional as well as new digital printing techniques to move her photographs beyond pure documentation. The photographs reference minimalism and abstract painting, evoking moments of transcendence. Lambri’s selective framing and editing of the images pay homage to the Modernist aesthetic and establish an atmosphere that transcends the immediate function of the structures. The work realizes its full meaning when it is installed in a new space and in so doing establishes a new relationship between the viewer, the object and the space. Her work has been widely exhibited in places such as the Venice Art and Architecture Biennales, the Hammer Museum Los Angeles, the Carnegie Museum of Art or the Menil Collection.

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