Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria

Como nómades, el festival Festivalzentrum für Graz viaja a un nuevo sitio cada año, estableciéndose allí durante un cierto tiempo - esta vez en Stadtpark Foro. ¿Cómo se puede alcanzar un máximo de atención y de uso sin dilapidar tiempo y costos? El núcleo de nuestra propuesta radica en un elemento muy simple y común - el euro-palet, un material barato, estandarizado y validado, desarrollado por el transporte de bienes. Como material reutilizable y reciclable tiene a su vez un gran potencial - si se aplica de manera astuta y virtuosa. Utilizados para fines distintos a los previstos, constituye el módulo de una arquitectura atemporal que, como el ladrillo en una casa, tiene una larga vida.

As nomadic as the festival is its centre, which travels to a new site every year, settling there for a certain time – this time in Forum Stadtpark.
How can you achieve a maximum of attention and real possibilities of different utilization without blowing up time and costs?
The very core of our proposal lies in a quite common and simple element – the euro-palett. As a cheap standardized and normed mass-product it was developed for the unrestrained movement of goods. This re-usable and recyclable pawned object is infinitely available, cheap and has great potential – if applied in a wily and virtuosic way. Used for purposes other than intended the EPAL constitutes the module for a temporary architecture like the brick does for a long-living house. The building material is only leased and afterwards will be brought to its original purpose of use. The new architecture with an expiry date crosses and fractures the existing building structure in a spatial as well as aesthetical way. A productive disturbance. In its short term existence it aspires toward a massive presence. A new axis breaches the habitual perception of space and at the same time provides varied new possibilities of use and performances: i.e. as a foyer, a carpet, an info-point, a stage, a flight of steps, a grandstand, a terrace, a casino, a bar, an auditorium, an open-air cinema, a dance floor, a café, a bridge, a gallery, the boards which mean the world. Artists from around the globe, theorists, journalists and audiences come together at the festival centre to talk, celebrate and drink.
As an absurd monument – because in spite of the massiveness its appearance already announces convertibility, decomposition (disassembly) and disappearance – this structure marks a strong distinctive sign within the guiding theme.

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