Spectrum Residential Complex in Constanta, Romania

In an absolutely special geographical setting, in the gulf referred to as "Fishery", somewhere at Constanta's northern limits, where the strip of land between the sea and the Ghiol lake is minimal, there it's located the "Spectrum" Residential Complex.

In this special setting, the placement of «sea guards» appeared as an extraordinary theme. Observing the place from the land and from the sea, one can realize that the situations are completely different: if, when looked on from the land, the sea is overwhelming in intensity and greatness, not the same thing could be said about the proximity with the buildings on the waterfront, where a mix of houses and appartments built along different periods of time, worthless and without personality, convey a sensation of poverty, sadness, lack of optimism, lack of courage.

The fact that an open «manifesto» could mean a rebirth of these places became obvious from these initial observations. The appearance of the «guards» should have been set against these aspects: coming from the waterfront, you almost failed to notice them and coming from the water, they should have become that presence of major impact, overwhelming, intriguing and fascinating, which on the other hand disturbs but on the other creates history in a place devoid of history. The necessity of the «invisibility» when looking to the sea or of the «materiality» when looking to the land made us thinks about the crystals. Crystals have that materiality which either makes them transparent; either makes them become some spectral forms in the context…

What could be clearer in this case than the fact that our «guards» on 13 levels should have become crystal «incarnations» forever in charge of guarding the Fishery Gulf? This is how the concept materialized. «The Invisibility» perceived from the land can be seen in the mirroring and silvery surfaces of the facades which disappear in the background with the sea and sky, turn their presence into a prolongation of the natural landscape.

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The «spectral materialization» of the facades looking onto the sea ends the story and makes it all seem unreal, halucinating, filtered, illusive… The sudden cut made when you pass between these two types of facades is a part of the force and the paradox of the message coming from two different worlds: the water and the earth.

Functionally, these buildings shelter appartments whose living rooms are provided with balconies that generally face the sea, on the spectral facades, while on the side with silvery facades, towards the land, there are the bedrooms.

A strong community space on two underground levels, was created on our suggestion, as an element of socialisation and domestic comfort for the residents, which became refreshing in the local real estate agencies and very attractive for buyers. Here you can find a swimming pool, a fitness area, halls of private events, a bar and laundry.

The concept of this complex, as a complex developed not speculative is largely due to the beneficiary who deserves to be praised for his watching closely the story of the project in all its development stages.

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