Olivos House

The transparences of the ground floor integrate the garden with the interior. The same happens with its views and the neighborhood. Its image, different but quiet, it's integrated with respect and elegance to the English architecture of the surrounding houses, but with his own identity itself.

At the entrance, there’s a little garden with an existing pond, all shapes of red handles and a lot of succulent plants, different types of trees and plants that grows in bushes, make a very relaxed and special ambient. To the bottom the house raises, with a high and important front. It is materialized in wood and glass, the handcrafted work is obvious. The large windows allow the fluency with the interior, that it’s valued by the lateral courts scale and the landscape treatment of the dividing walls.

Designing from a modern conception, implies to find the project spirit, discovering the real site essence, getting into it and managing a different work every time.The interiors are very clear. Again the materials speak, the ground floor in concrete, the wood and glass. The living’s double height allows to visualize the staircase, that even though is ethereal in its construction -just a few thin iron plates for the stairs and a slight round tube as a railing- has an sculptural presence.

The bedrooms, following the logic of the house, have wood divisions and the last floor is reserved for the master bedroom, of generous dimensions, with large views to the neighborhood, square and landscape. The magic is also in the details: the rusticity of the recycled woods, the bedrooms floors made of construction’s brushed planks, and the few but chosen furniture that equip the bedrooms, mark the difference.

This house was, saving the distances, like designing a furniture but bigger. Many things were decided here during the construction and were solved on the march. Such as the staircase, the windows or the garden. …»I seek to promote the transparences and the relation between the outside and the inside. This architecture, the one I’m interested in, has a lot to do with what I’ve learned close to Horacio Baliero, who was, in a way, my great professor in my post-graduated life. Even though I didn’t study with him, I’ve worked in his chair for at least ten years. I admired the connection with the sensibility he had and that he escaped from the commercial view, from the ordinary, form the standardized. In this house there’s nothing standardized or pretentious. That spreads to everything, to the spaces and to the material’s application. There’s no such thing as typical materials, and still we search for simple and basic things…»

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The house, even though is new, seems to have always existed.

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