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Ningbo Hanvos School

Ningbo Hanvos School is located in Zhenhai District, Ningbo. According to the general requirements of “internationalization, high quality and characteristic”, it is built as a new international boarding school with typical characteristic of internationalized education.

School Complex Gloggnitz

Gloggnitz is a municipality with 6000 inhabitants. 80 km southwest of Vienna, it lies very picturesquely at the foot of the Rax in the Austrian Prealps. Gloggnitz is an industrial town and regional center, which like all rural communities must struggle with a dying village center. Therefore, the small town decided to bundle its 3 so far separate schools (elementary school, new middle school, special educational center) in the Schulgasse in an attractive, common new building and to strengthen so the location. Two existing buildings were demolished in order to give the new building the greatest possible presence in the town center. This decision is a clear commitment of the municipality to education and youth, which makes Gloggnitz in the future also for young families more attractive.

Elementary School Vřesovice

When the municipality of Vřesovice agreed with the Church on transferring the rectory and the parish estate to the municipal property, the Church wished that the village should not let the whole premises deteriorate but use it for a purpose.

T2 Campus – A learning factory

The school is part of the new forestlike -business campus ‘Thorpark’ located on the premises of the former hard coal mine ‘Waterschei’ in Genk. The building is organised as a big flexible learning factory of approx. 95m x 145m with a central atrium, production halls on the ground floor and classrooms on the upper floors.

Conservatory for music & ballet Ljubljana

Ljubljana's Conservatory of Music and Ballet is one of the oldest music schools in Slovenia, dating back to 1919. Located in the immediate proximity of many historical buildings and other important monuments, the overall renovation aimed to improve the existing program and some technical features of the school's facilities, while preserving the original volume and structure.

Senezh Management LAB

Mecanoo was selected as the winner of the international architectural competition for the development of the Senezh Management LAB. The contest was organized by AHO Россия - страна возможностей, while the architectural bureau RTDA acted as the operator.

Plugin Learning Blox

The Plugin Learning Blox helps alleviate the high demand for educational space in rapidly growing cities. It also responds to the need for classrooms to support innovative learning as China transitions to a post-industrial economy. The project is a pop-up school that can be rapidly deployed and easily adapted to current and future education models.

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