The design brief was to transform a Tong Lau (a term for mid-20th century buildings in Hong Kong) of over five floors and a roof terrace, into twelve units of flexible live & work apartments that are comfortable, elegant and fresh.

Forest for Rest

Young urbanites in China are generally suffering from mental and physical exhaustion brought by various pressures, such as from work and their families. In addition, nightclubs, karaoke, video games and other de-stressing and entertainment activities are consuming their remaining energy. Traditional foot bath therapy, which originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a history of more than a thousand years, may offer them a new option for quick refreshment.

Conrad Hangzhou Tonglu

Located in the heartland of the golden tourist area covering from the West Lake to Fuchun River and to Qiandao Lake, Tonglu is in the northwest of Zhejiang, China. Northwestward, it is the Tianxi Lake, which is a new water area formed in green hills and valleys because of reservoir expansion. Conrad Hangzhou Tonglu stands quietly on the banks of the peaceful and tranquil Lake.

SkyMall Shaoxing

SkyMall is a three-storey 20,000 sqm community mall in Shaoxing. The developer has positioned the SkyMall to become the hub of their new sports lifestyle community. The aim is to explore whether a community mall could attract footfall beyond the community and increase commercial and social value through the design practice.

Heytea Lab Guangzhou

Since 2018, HEYTEA’s young and cool DNA has been going deep into consumers’ minds through working with different designers to give each of its stores a distinctive image. Currently, the brand is continually exploring new themes and design styles for its new stores, with a view to opening up new possibilities to revitalize traditional Chinese tea culture.

Ningbo Hanvos School

Ningbo Hanvos School is located in Zhenhai District, Ningbo. According to the general requirements of “internationalization, high quality and characteristic”, it is built as a new international boarding school with typical characteristic of internationalized education.

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