Opening of Birkegade Rooftop Penthouse

El concepto es crear, en la parte superior de un bloque de viviendas existentes, un "jardín’ vinculado con tres nuevos áticos, para que todos sus residentes tengan acceso a un auténtico jardín al aire libre. Para diseñar este ‘missing garden’, nos fijamos en la actual condición de los jardines de Copenhague, característicamente asociados con la funcionalidad. En este sentido, hemos tomado el jardín en la azotea como un espacio diseñado con funciones asociadas a la materialidad. Esto se refleja en el parque naranja con amortiguador de superficie, en el puente colgante lúdico, en la colina verde con vegetación y respaldos de césped natural, en el mirador y el deck de madera, en la cocina y parrilla al aire libre. La iniciativa no se limita a construir tres nuevos departamentos sino, fundamentalmente, aspira a convertir las azoteas de las viviendas en un espacio útil para sus residentes y, además, crear un bello paisaje para todos los vecinos de la ciudad en general.

Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, Technical & Environmental Mayor and Tina Saaby, City Architect, joined JDS and the Birkegade residence in the ceremony of the project’s unique addition to the Copenhagen skyline.

The mega district is one of the most densely populated areas of inner Nørrebro, Copenhagen. As for the triangular block of Birkegade/Egegade/Elmegade, this density can also be measured by its inner dark, narrow and cramped courtyard. It is through those courtyard conditions that the concept of the project originates: The driving concept is to create the ‘missing garden’ at the top of the existing housing block in association with 3 new penthouses, so that all residents gain access to a genuine outdoor ardgen. In order to qualify ‘the missing garden’, we looked at the current conditions of Copenhagen gardens. They are characteristically associated with functionality. With that sense, we have taken the rooftop garden as a designed space of functions with an association to materiality. This is reflected in our project’s orange playground with shock-absorbing surface and a playful suspension bridge, a green hill with varying accommodation backed by real grass and durant vegetation, a viewing platform, an outdoor kitchen and barbecue, and a more quiet wooden deck. The aim is to optimize and fully exploit the situations that the site has to offer, and thereby design a potential for the future exploitation of the roof to the delight of all the co-op’s residents. It is a concept which is not limited to establish the 3 new apartments, but a concept which both creates a useful roof garden as well as a beautiful landscape for the co-op’s neighbours and city residents in general.

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Mountain Dwellings Win Concrete Element Award 2011
The Mountain Dwellings has been awarded the Concrete Element Award 2011 for the rare combination of spacious urban apartments, roof gardens and parking garage. The jury behind Concrete Element Award, among other things, focuses on innovative architecture and unprecedented aesthetics. “The VM Mountain building shows a new way to create architecture that can only be done in concrete elements.” explains Kent Martinussen, the chairman of the jury and director of the Danish Architecture Centre.

JDS / Julien De Smedt Architects is a multidisciplinary office that focuses on architecture and design, from large scale urban planning to furniture to design. The office is fueled by talented designers and experienced architects who jointly develop projects from the early sketch to on-site supervision. Independent of scale, this outlines an approach that is affirmatively social in its outcome, enthusiastic in its ambition and professional in its method. JDS Architects makes use of an approach, where intense research and analysis of practical and theoretical issues are being converted to the driving forces of the design process. By continuously developing and implementing precise and rigorous methods of analysis, we are able to combine innovative thinking with an efficient production. At the core of our architecture is the ability to take a fresh look at things through experienced eyes. This approach has resulted in a wide portfolio of both Danish and international projects. The office is 50 people strong, and supports an attitude of involving external consultants when required and relevant. This use of complementing resources ensures that projects will never suffer from being too conventional, too narrow-minded nor too naive. JDS is founded and directed by Julien De Smedt, former co-founder of PLOT.

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