MenScience Store in Manhattan

Diseñado por HWKN (Hollwich Kushner), esta tienda para la marca MenScience ubicada en 329 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, crea un oasis cuadriculado con expositores de productos de acero ennegrecido, yuxtapuestos por un entorno envolvente de tablones de madera reciclada de origen local.La gama de productos MenScience incluye productos para el cuidado masculino, el cuidado de la piel y suplementos nutricionales.

Designed by HWKN (Hollwich Kushner), the store creates a gridded oasis of blackened steel product display for the MenScience brand, juxtaposed by an immersive surrounding of locally-sourced, recycled wood plank.

Prestige men’s brand MenScience is excited to announce the grand opening of their flagship store at 329 Lafayette Street in Manhattan. The new location will carry the full MenScience product range including men’s grooming, skincare and nutritional supplements.

«The footprint of the store is small, but the visual impact of the location is huge. It is a highly trafficked area – pedestrians, bicyclists and cars – and the design is meant to be read from the inside as well as from the outside,» says Marc Kushner, Co-founder and Partner of HWKN (Hollwich Kushner). «It is a perimeter scheme that treats the floor, walls and ceilings with a similar material to create a tunnel of product, a MenScience experience, in the space that spans between two streets.»

The MenScience brand carries a line of advanced skincare and nutritional products specifically geared towards men, and the design of its first physical retail location in New York City demanded a precise combination of product-centered functionality and branded aesthetic impact. Masculine and ultra-adaptable, the new store features a hallway of products from between the two storefronts of the space.

Materiality, modular regularity, and clean detailing emphasize sophistication and refinement without detracting from the brand’s masculine identity, all while facilitating the display and delivery of products and information with infinite configuration opportunities. «The store design breaks down the barrier between customer and product and invites people to test and explore the MenScience products,» says HWKN Co-founder Matthias Hollwich.

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Opening a brick and mortar location, particularly in the highly trafficked SoHo neighborhood, was important to MenScience Founder Federico Sanchez. “We’re thrilled to open this unique space to showcase our extensive line,” says Sanchez. “While MenScience products are offered as some of the most prestigious retailers in New York and around the world, we felt it was really important to create a space where customers could fully immerse themselves in the brand. This is a place where men can come learn about the products, try them first hand and get expert advice on skincare, grooming and nutritional supplements.”

MenScience is open for business everyday from 11am till 8pm at 329 Lafayette Street.


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