Beijing Noodle No. 9 in Las Vegas

Un espacio, suavemente cubierto de luz a través de una piel de seda. El reto consistía en romper las ideas preconcebidas sobre los elementos que conforman un espacio interior, al regirlo con "un elemento de coordinación" a través de la creación de una frontera sin costuras.

A space, gently covered with light through a silk-like skin.
The challenge was to break the preconceived ideas that make up the elements of an interior, by governing the space into «one coordinated element» through the creation of a seamless border.

This contemporary Chinese restaurant, Beijing Noodle No. 9, is located within the huge casino hotel holding over 3,300 rooms in Las Vegas. The restaurant is adjacent to the casino; consequently, the excitement, gaming machine sounds, and neon lights are naturally overflowed into the space.

In general, a space usually consists of various interior elements, materials, series of products, and patterns placed appropriately. Taking advantage of no support columns in the site, the Beijing Noodle No. 9 utilizes the only one pattern throughout the space to achieve the minimal and visually calm atmosphere set in the heart of a surrealistic environment.

The restaurant incorporates the subtle boundary bringing the fading casino sounds into the space to create the inviting welcome to customers. Since the open design facade allows the sounds in and out, the one primary arabesque pattern is applied to the entire space to produce visual calmness.

As customers walk into the space, they will undergo the visually and physically gunblockedh entry experience, and are comfortably led past the sparkling aquarium tanks to the deep part of the restaurant. The gorgeous double-wall design features the elegant arabesque patterned layers, consisting of one woodland-patterned steel decorative surface above a painted similarly patterned solid back, with glossy finish. This design creates the arabesque shadow effect, and the wall continuously extends to be the ceiling, which generates a soft cocoon-like interior experience. By placing LED indirect lights between the layers, the arabesque patterned shadows are appeared on the tables, floor, and kitchen appliances to accomplish a cohesive design throughout the space.

The overall dining experience, supported by brightly lit ambient light, envelopes customers in a sensuous embrace. Dreamy lighting contrast projecting the wonder of deep forest, and secrets of the ocean conquers the sounds from the casino to create a visual serenity.

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