White Edge Architect’s Office

Office space made with a robust nature, filled with natural light.

As our team started to grow from three partners and couple of junior architects, we wanted to move to a sizable space to explore the small practice we are having in madurai. Ongoing project of ours with a 1000 square foot of floor area in the prime location with great access, had finished with the first floor roof slab and while discussing with the client, he referred us to rent the space in second floor.

Before starting the second floor, we were sure about the space needs to be light at the day times and ventilated. Total space requirement was multiple workstation, a small discussion room, conference room, a small pantry to stay ourself active during the night outs.

The floor plate was 20 feet by width and 60 feet by length in west and east orientation, a linear planning was initiated.

One foot and six inch linear roof cut across the north side of the building, conceiving light corridor for the work space with slits in the top for creating stack effect.

Space was subdivided into three regions forming discussion, waiting / meeting and workstation.

Vertical access which opens up to the waiting space flanged by discussion and meeting room on either side with one part continuing to junior workstation, covered by fixed glass and sliding and openable  wood door on either side.

Workstation is opened to sky to inherit the feel of light and rain. Pantry covered with wire mesh glass to keep the space clean and dry, further meeting, waiting and discussion has a slit of opening on top.

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Further the space transforms to a pantry and toilet from the linear passage to the workstation.

A rustic ambience from exposed concrete roof, exposed beams and columns, with metal ISMC sections to hold the glass, which makes the space to flow from one space to another. Furnitures evolved from left over metal rods from different construction site amalgamated with pine wood to give an eclectic design. The whole space has a unique language of concrete, pine wood, metal and rustic greys.

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