JDS Architects contracted to build new Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo, Norway

In September 2007 JDS Architects won the international competition for a new Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo and have now been commissioned to build the new jump tower and arena for the World Championship in 2011.

Located on the hillside north west of Oslo centre, Holmenkollen stands out as an iconic landmark for the city of Oslo as well as for the entire nation.The new ski jump will replace the existing ski jump and will be built at the same site where it has resided since the first Holmenkollen ski jump was erected in 1892. Since then the jump has been rebuilt 18 times.

The new ski jump will be completed in time for the 2011 World Championship and bring the Holmenkollen ski jump up to date with new standards and regulations in accordance with the international skiing federation. The silhouette of the new tower has a sharp and simple cut. The profile follows the jumpers descent and is offset to create necessary wind protection. The smooth and bended rectangle hosts the slope, the main structure and circulation with an inclined elevator running from the bottom to the top where a 50 m2 bar/jumpers lounge and jump platform is located. The top is cut horizontally to accommodate a viewing platform with a 360º panorama view over the Oslo city landscape.

JDS Architects have just opened a new office in Oslo – permanent contact details and information will be announced soon.

JDS Architects
JDS/Julien De Smedt Architects is a multidisciplinary office, located in Copenhagen, Brussels and Oslo, that focuses on architecture and design, from large scale urban planning to furniture and design. The office is fuelled by talented designers and experienced architects who jointly develop projects from the early sketch to on-site supervision. Independent of scale, this outlines an approach that is affirmatively social in its outcome, enthusiastic in its ambition and professional in its method.
JDS Architects’ makes use of an approach, where intense research and analysis of practical and theoretical issues are being converted to the driving forces of the design process. By continuously developing and implementing precise and rigorous methods of analysis, we are able to combine innovative thinking with an efficient production.
At the core of our architecture is the ability to take a fresh look at things through experienced eyes. This approach has resulted in a wide portfolio of both Danish and international projects.
The office is 34 people strong, and supports an attitude of involving external consultants when required and relevant. This use of complementing resources ensures that projects will never suffer from being too conventional, too narrow-minded nor too naïve.
JDS Architects prefers to regard its position as its client’s partner, rather than as its mere consultant. This ensures constant involvement and engagement which results in projects that both parties are proud of.
JDS is founded and directed by Julien De Smedt, former co-founder of PLOT.
Contact us:

Vesterbrogade 69d
1620 Copenhagen V, DK
+45 3378 1010

Rue de Flandre 198
1000 Bruxelles, BE
+32 2 888 1622

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