Ganador «1st Annual Global Architecture Graduate Award»

El premio "1st Annual Global Architecture Graduate Award" fue otorgado a la estudiante chino Haiwei Xie, Royal College of Art de posgrado, por su diseño de vivienda multi-cultural para una zona muy disputada de Londres, los cuarteles de Chelsea.

The Architectural Review awards its first Global Architecture Graduate Award to Chinese student Haiwei Xie, Royal College of Art graduate, for her fresh take on multi-cultural housing designed for one of London’s most hotly contested development sites, Chelsea Barracks. The recipient of The Architectural Review’s first annual Global Architecture Graduate Award is Chinese student Haiwei Xie. Recently graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Architecture from the Royal College of Art, Xie was selected from a field of 350 entries from 38 countries.

Xie’s winning submission is a high-density, low-rise housing project aimed at London’s diverse multi-cultural society. Entitled The B.R.I.C. House, the project name reflects notions of traditional English domesticity with an acronym for the world’s leading emerging economic powerhouses: Brazil, Russia, India, China.

The B.R.I.C. House was designed for Chelsea Barracks, an upmarket development site in London with a contentious history. The combination of high quality with low price and an original, hybrid presentation style struck the jury as inventive, adventurous and an apt metaphor for the city itself, with its colliding cultures and unconventional life styles.

The runner-up was Londoner Joe Swift for the Redundant Architects Recreation Association (RARA), a unique organization that actually builds real projects, a rare occurrence in the world of architectural education. Other projects that made the short list of ten include a reinterpretation of the typical rectilinear high-rise building, a house for a dysfunctional family, new urban strategies for Saigon and a prototypical residential structure for an Arab village in Israel. The winning project and the nine finalists are featured in the Education issue of The Architectural Review available in October.

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