Silent Revolutions – Contemporary Design in Slovenia, Exhibition at LDF 2011

The Museum of Architecture and Design presents the exhibition SILENT REVOLUTIONS, a selection of design that marks the first two decades of this young European country. Rather than showing a sweeping overall view the show focuses on outstanding individual cases.

Organization: Museum of Architecture and Design
Curator: Maja Vardjan

The selected design exhibits embody the passion and obsession of individual artists, the drive, innovative development and high-quality production, ranging from the filigree turn-tables by Franc Kuzma and the seductive Black Cherry Lamps by designer Nika Zupanc to Seaway’s Greenline 33 Hybrid, the world’s first large hybrid boat, and Trimo’s Qbiss One with ArtMe modular façade systems. The exhibition also presents certain key productions from the country’s largest actors in the industry, including Elan’s revolutionary series of WaveFlex skis designed in cooperation with Gigodesign studio, Alpina’s Racing Elite cross-country ski boots developed in cooperation with Jure Miklavc studio, and Gorenje’s Simplicity home appliance line by Gorenje Design Studio. The exhibition that illustrates important or even turning-point moments in the history of Slovene design, albeit in terms of a new design mentality or new development trends, is accompanied with an extensive publication that does not focus only on the products and individual designers and studios, but also on clients and producers who played an important role in the implementation of these projects. This exhibition that brings together more than 25 selected works is the first extensive international presentation of Slovene product design of the last two decades. By intertwining economy and culture, together with concerted cooperation with government institutions active in the field of creative industries, the project is aimed at representing the best of Slovene production and companies and in so doing, making Slovenia more widely recognised through industrial design.

List of Designers and Companies (Product, designer, producer)
Exhaust systems, design: Igor Akrapovič, Akrapovič / Alpina Racing Cross-country ski boots, design: Jure Miklavc and team, Alpina / Bags and Jewellery, design: Lara Bohinc, Lara Bohinc / WaveFlex skis, design: Gigodesign and Elan Research Department, Elan / Flow water set, design: Tanja Pak, Glesia / Simplicity household appliances, design: Gorenje Design Studio, Gorenje / Gwig lighting fixture, design: Asobi, Intra lighting / Wall-mounted coatrack, design: Toni Kancilja / Stabi S Turntable, design: Franc Kuzma, Kuzma / Black Cherry Lamp, design: Nika Zupanc, La Femme et la Maison Nika Zupanc / Criatura, design: Leonora Jakovljević, Leonora Mark – ave femina / Holey Roket Stove, design: Rok Oblak, co-author Larry Winiarski / Squareplay play space, design: Oloop / Sitty foldable seat, design: Gigodesign, Petrič / Taurus Electro G2 glider, design: Ivo Boscarol and team, Pipistrel / Motor yacht Greenline 33 Hybrid, design: Jernej and Japec Jakopin, Seaway / Chairs, design: Katjuša Kranjc and Rok Kuhar, Stol & stol / Lajt chair, design: Janez Suhadolc / Efekt shovel, design: Rinz, Pavlinec in Pavlinec, Tehnos / Qbiss by Trimo and Artme, design: Trimo, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Gorenje Design Studio, Trimo / Slim lamp, design: Bevk Perović arhitekti, Vertigo Bird / Siti armchair, design: Arne Vehovar, Zilio Aldo & C. sas.

The Museum of Architecture and Design is a partner of London Design Festival.

Dates and Opening Hours
22, 23, 24, 25 September 2011
10am–8pm, Thurs–Sat
11am–6pm, Sun

– Tent London @ Dray Walk Gallery
– Old Truman Brewery
– Brick Lane
– E1 6QL London, UK

Organization: Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia, www.mao.si

Curator: Maja Vardjan

– Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Slovenia
– Ministry of the Economy Republic of Slovenia
– Public Agency of the republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship
– Government Communication Office

Additional information and photos
Museum of Architecture and Design, mao@mao.si, P: 00386 1 5484 270
Anja Zorko: anja.zorko@mao.si; P: +386 1 5484 273, M: +386 41 606 436
Pika Leban: pika.leban@mao.si; P: +86 1 5484 274


About London Design Festival
The London Design Festival is a city-wide celebration of design that takes place over nine days. This year’s Festival takes place 17–25 September 2011. Now in its ninth year, the London Design Festival will be the largest and most significant yet, with an expected 180 partners and more than 250 events celebrating the world’s creative capital.

About the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
Museum of Architecture and Design will be presented at the London Design Festival for the first time. The Museum of Architecture and Design is a national Slovene organization for the architecture, industrial design, visual communication and photography. MAO systematically collects, stores and studies materials related to these fields of activity and displays them in temporary and permanent exhibitions, making it possible for visitors to understand the past and the future of architecture, design and photography. It offers visitors a diverse experience with modern, attractive exhibitions, presentations and programmes with content for people from different backgrounds and all ages. Through various educational events museum is establishing itself as an innovative space for creating, gathering, exchange and learning.

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