Beyond Media 2009: Urban Visions / The View Master

The final contents of the URBAN VISIONS exhibition can be seen online. The exhibition aims at testifying the ability some cities had in seeing their transformations in perspective, in looking "beyond". The observed cities are Helsinki, Milan, Medellín, Zaragoza, Belgrade, Turin, New Orleans, Paris, Bologna and Mumbai, as part of a wider survey which considered, for example, the problematic case of Beijing. The exhibition will be open to the public for the whole duration of the BEYOND MEDIA festival (July 9-17).


Lilium Tower – Zaha Hadid Architects | MVRDV – Brabant Library | UNStudio – Changing Room

The URBAN VISIONS exhibition opens on Thursday July 9 at 5 pm with an introduction by the curator, Michele Bonino. A first talk will follow, in which representatives from the participating cities will illustrate the projects to the public and will offer cue for the discussions within the Friday morning forum. On July 10, starting at 10 am, the forum will provide an important moment for the debate on urban development and on the possible, different directions it may take.

For a preview on the contents of the exhibition and to see the complete list of participating cities, please see the exhibitions page on the official BEYOND MEDIA website.


This year BEYOND MEDIA conceived a special program, which complements the video contest, which presents the works produced by 3 architecture offices that have demonstrated peculiar and fertile employment of video over the course of the years.


Lilium Tower – Zaha Hadid Architects | MVRDV – Brabant Library | UNStudio – Changing Room

With THE VIEW MASTERS, BEYOND MEDIA is happy to offer its audience a unique opportunity for seeing and comparing the videos produced by MVRDV, UNStudio and Zaha Hadid Architects selected by Image ARCHIVE.

The screenings of the videos will occur during 3 sessions.

Thursday July 9 at 9 pm
in cooperation with Wieland & Gouwens: MetaCITY DATA TOWN, NL 1999, 10’30» (short version); BRABANT LIBRARY, NL 2000, 5’00»; PIG CITY, NL 2001, 13’07»; MARKET HALL, NL 2007, 1’05»; SKY CAR CITY, NL 2008, 2’41»

Friday July 10 at 9 pm
THE VIEW MASTERS: Zaha Hadid Architects
Kartal Pendik Masterplan, UK 2006, 1’13»; Icone bag for Louis Vuitton, UK 2006, 1’27»; Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion, UK 2007, 1’02»; Lilium Tower, UK 2007, 1’56»; London 2012 Acquatics, UK 2008, 1’14»

Saturday July 11 at 9 pm
Möbius House, NL 1998, 5’35»; Datenprozess, Mercedes-Benz Museum, NL 2005, 2’00»; UNStudio, documentary, NL 2007, 13’16»; The Changing Room, NL 2008, 3’19»; Music Theatre, NL 2009, 8’11»

Please visit the website for a preview of the works!

Experimental Media in Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, MoMA 1972

BEYOND MEDIA presents – thanks to the recent reinterpretation by Peter Lang, Luca Molinari and Mark Wasiuta – an exceptional selection of videos which were originally produced on the occasion of the exhibition curated by Emilio Ambasz at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1972. The exhibition «encountered the dynamic and complexly political Italian design context of the early seventies, which it examined and organized into a matrix of categories, differences and distinctions» and it consecrated the radicalism and anticonformism of Italian design, in the works of Sottsass Jr., Colombo, Superstudio, Pesce.


Experimental Media in Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, MoMA 1972

On Friday July 10, starting at 10:30 pm, the public will be able to watch, over 30 years later, these unique and precious documents which will be commented by Peter Lang (Texas A&M University).

Ettore Sottsass Jr. (directed by Massimo Magri), untitled, IT 1972; Superstudio, Supersurface: An Alternative Model for Life on Earth, IT 1972; Joe Colombo (directed by Livio Castigloni and Gianni Colombo), Total Furnishing Unit, IT 1972; Gae Aulenti (directed by Massimo Magri), untitled, IT 1972; Mario Bellini (directed by Davide Mosconi), untitled, IT 1972; Gaetano Pesce (directed by Klaus Zaugg), untitled, IT 1972; Alberto Rosselli (directed by Osvaldo Marini, with Ernesto Prever), An Idea for a Mobile House, IT 1972; Marco Zanuso, Richard Sapper (directed by Giacomo Battiato), untitled, IT 1972.

BEYOND MEDIA, International Festival for Architecture and Media, will take place at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Italy, July 9-17, 2009. Organized by Image www.image-web.org, and curated by Marco Brizzi, BEYOND MEDIA has been constantly observing, since 1997, the development of the systems of communication in the field of architecture by evaluating their impact on contemporary architectural production and by promoting their understanding and enhancing their quality. The festival offers its visitors an articulate and rich program of events.

The theme for the forthcoming edition of BEYOND MEDIA is VISIONS.

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