Sun.Lab, Outdoor Products

International competition for young designers.

For 27 years, SUN, the International Exhibition of Outdoor Products: Design, Furnishing, Accessories (www.sungiosun.it), has been the world reference show of the outdoor sector, from the idea to the prototype, from the project to the product, from the academic to the business world, from design to the market.

2008 edition: 12 halls, a 90,000 sq. m. exhibiting surface, 700 exhibitors, 24,000 professional visitors from 52 countries, 10 shows/events, 150 journalists, 1,000 press articles.SUN presents SUN.LAB FOR A CREATIVE OUTDOOR, an international competition for young designers, a stepping-stone dedicated to design talents (3rd edition).

SUN.LAB is a free space for research and experimentation organized by SUN to promote the emerging of new proposals, innovative designs, and new ways to conceive life in the open. SUN.LAB 2009 will host to the best suggestions of Italian and foreign designers under 35 and of students of the main European universities, capable to create experimental scenarios, brand new concepts, and top-level designs that are not yet being manufactured.
An overview of prototypes expressing the growing wish to rediscover the pleasure of using open spaces, a renewed approach to nature, a strong desire to take control of one’s free time.
The competition is aimed at creating a display of product prototypes and concepts conceived by young designers for the outdoor world. An event that is meant as a link between creative talents and the sector’s companies.

The subject
The subject selected for this edition is the domestic garden, meant as a space to relax, focus on one’s well-being, organize shared activities, and indulge in one’s hobbies.
A space that is not only identified with a private and limited place, but is transferred into the revival of living en plein air in cities, in view of taking control of public, urban and non-urban spaces.
The domestic garden subject is intended to stimulate original designs, brand new experiments on forms and materials to create products strictly tied to the relation with nature and to the quality of the time spent in contact with it, both outdoor and indoor, according to current trends that see a merger of the inside with the outside.
Selections will thus focus on projects mainly conceived for private locations (balconies, attics, terraces, gardens, déhors, home greenhouses), spaces dedicated to reception, and public locations.

Entries shall be assessed by a jury made up of representatives of Fiere & Comunicazioni and a panel of designers and engineers. The assessment shall occur based on the project’s originality and reproducibility on an industrial scale.

Conditions for particiption
Participation is open to all designers aged 35 or less at the deadline set in the notice. Team participation is allowed. Each team shall appoint one team leader as the only organizing reference person, and specify the names of the other team members (as per form attached to this notice).
For participation to the competition, each designer, alone or in team, can submit one or more entries for selection by a technical commission. No projects at the production stage shall be accepted.
Participation to the exhibition requires the following items, at the designers’ expense:
1. production, transport, setting up, and removal of one working prototype in the 1:1 scale (as from the project);
2. production of 1,000 advertising cards (sized 145 x 105 mm, 300 g. glossy paper, front/rear as from the attached format).

Entry submission term
All the entries shall be submitted by and not later than Friday, May 22, 2009 at 12.00 a.m. to the following mail address:
Entries shall include:
– one or more renderings or photos of the project in the jpg or pdf format;
– word file with a short description the project (max 500 characters);
– duly completed application form.
The official ranking of the selected projects shall be available by June 12 at www.sungiosun.it.

The selected projects shall be granted an exhibiting space free of charge within the show SUN.LAB: FOR A CREATIVE OUTDOOR. The event shall be set up at the heart of the business area of SUN, in close contact with the main specialized companies.

Disclosure of the selectes projects
All the participants shall authorize now for then Fiere & Comunicazioni Srl to disclose or exhibit their projects at one or more shows; the participants shall further authorize to publish their project in a catalogue, a book, and/or specialized magazines; nothing shall be due for this, except for the relevant credits.

Personal data processing
Participation to the competition implies full acceptance of these rules. Upon applying for participation, the participants consent to the processing of their personal data in accordance with Law 675 of 31/12/96.

Other provisions
The organizing company reserves the right to withdraw this notice or to discontinue the competition without incurring any responsibilities and/or sanctions. The technical commission reserves the right to refuse to exhibit any projects that, even if selected, are not duly supported by a prototype.

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