Cityvision Competition

The competition is organized by the magazine CITYVISIONmag and the president of the jury will be JUERGEN MAYER H.

RomeCityVision is an ideas competition, which challenges architects, engineers, designers, students and creatives individuals to develop visionary urban proposals with the intention of stimulating and supporting the contemporary city, in this case Rome. Through innovative ideas and methodologies which can improve the connection between the historical, present, and future city. CITYVISION aims to foster a critical evolution of architectural historiography.
The Italian city manifests a consistent absence of Contemporary Urban Planning and relatively ineffective architectural intervention. The objective of the competition is to drive your imagination, by the use of new materials, echo- technologies, parametric software and territorial organizations for a future vision of the city of Rome.
Globalization, environmental concerns, the future historiography of the city, adaptability and emerging digital practices are some of the elements that should be taken into consideration.
The Planning Proposal can re-assess a significant monument, road, district or better still the whole city. For this reason there are no restrictions of site, program or dimension of the project. The goal is to give maximum freedom, with the intention of achieving the most innovative and provocative proposals. Proposals should aim to augment and stimulate the urban inhabitance and experience of the ordinary person. The proposed planning, should support and integrate itself environmentally, seeking to create and improve a unified relationship between the city and its’ cultural behavior.

This International Competition has three aims:
1. To stimulate research in urban planning and civic vitalization.
2. To encourage and promote progressive ideas from the emerging generation of designers.
3. To stimulate the scientific development in the field of architecture by means of a critical reflection and discussion.

Announcement of the competition: 27th Febraury 2010
Aceptance of questions deadline: 19th April 2010
Early registration deadline: 26th April 2010
Answers to questions posted on website: 30th April 2010
Late registration deadline: 28th May 2010
Submission deadline: 2nd June 2010
Announcement of results: 15th June 2010

This Competition is a valuable opportunity for everyone to contribute innovative ideas for the city of Rome.

For competition details, please browse: http://www.cityvision-competition.com
Enquiries can also be made by email to: info@cityvision-competition.com

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