4th Edition of the Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards

Due to the success of previous years, LAMP is announcing the fourth edition of the Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards  '11, making this contest one of the most prestigious in the country, promoting the “Culture of Light”.

A contest of international renown, the last edition it received projects from more than 20 different countries. Prizes will be awarded to projects that have successfully met the architectural lighting needs of an interior or exterior space, having created a positive synergy between the architecture, interior design, landscaping and lighting. Lamp Lighting Solutions values the creativity, innovation and sustainability of the lighting projects, regardless of the manufacturer or the brand of lights used in the project. The jury’s verdict will be announced at a special event in the city of Barcelona during the month of June 2011.

The Lighting Concepts ’11 book will include the finalists’ projects. Any lighting designers, architects, urban planners, interior designers, engineers, landscapers or students who are authors of a lighting project can participate. Registration for the awards and the submitting of projects can be made on-line at www.lamp.es/awards from 1 November 2010 until 28 February 2011. The panel of judges will include prestigious professionals specialised in the lighting design, architecture, interior design and press sectors.

• Awards
1. Architectural Exterior Lighting
Lighting projects for exterior illumination such as: facades, sport facilities, monuments, canopies, etc.

2. Interior Lighting
Lighting projects for interior illumination such as: shops, restaurants, museums, exhibition halls, single buildings, offices, etc.

3. Urban and Landscape Lighting
Lighting projects for urban illumination such as: squares, roundabouts, avenues, streets, parks, bridges, etc.

4. Students Proposals
This year’s theme is «Nomads»; lighting projects for mobility areas such as: airports, harbors, metro, bus and tram stations, taxi stands, bicycle stops, etc. Only idea-based projects will be accepted.

The jury will determine four finalists in each category and four winners, with a total economic reward of 33.000€, higher than 2010:

• Architectural Exterior Lighting Award: 10.000€
• Interior Lighting Award: 10.000€
• Urban and Landscape Lighting Award: 10.000€
• Students Proposals Award: 3.000€

Additional Information >> www.lamp.es/awards | premios@lamp.es

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