Design Competition Results

About the competition
This competition event was focused on designing the ideal workstation for the designer of this new century.From the onset of design as a discipline, designers (interior, graphic, textile, architectural, industrial, etc.) hammered out their projects using a work table, a drawing table, or a desk.

In the XXI century the computer is the main tool for sketching design. The emerging needs of today’s designers, together with the global, cultural and technological changes, demand a new up-to-date workstation.

Marc Krusin – Italy – Lissoni Associati
Piero Lissoni – Italy – Lissoni Associati
Antonio Rodriguez – Spain – Mattheo Thun & Partners
Massimo Iosa Ghini – Italy – Iosa Ghini Associati
Jean Pierre Vitrac – France – Vitrac & Le Design Pool
Ralph Bremenkamp – Germany – Frog Design
Stefano Giovannoni – Italy – Giovannoni Design

Competition program
Staring date: January 22nd, 2008
Closing date: May 5th, 2008
Published: June 23th, 2008



Students Winners


1st Prize

premio1.jpgQuentin Vaulot – France
Luiza Barroso – Brazil
ENSCI Les Ateliers – France
UNISUL – Brazil

2nd Prize

premio2.jpgGeorge Shackleton – UK
Adam Southern – UK
Ollie Mason – UK
Sameer-Andrew Rayyan – USA
Coventry University – UK

premio3.jpg3rd Prize

Joseph Kauffman – USA
Phillip Padilla – USA
Virginia Polytechnic Institute – USA

premio4.jpg1st Honorable mention

Marise Evans – USA
Auburn University – USA

2nd Honorable mention

premio5.jpgMassimiliano Panfoli – Italy
Margherita Bragoni – Italy
Università di Camerino (UNICAM) – Italy

3rd Honorable mention

premio6.jpgAhmed Hosny – Egypt
American University of Sharjah – UAE



1st Prize

Ana Eliza Guedelha – Brazil
Nathalia Favaro – Brazil


premio8.jpg2nd Prize

Moriette Virginie – France
Xu Ming – China


premio9.jpg3rd Prize

Keith Evan Green – USA
Ian D. Walker – USA
James Witte – USA
Leo Gugerty – USA
Henrique Houayek -USA

1st Honorable mention

Honfay Lui – Singapore


2nd Honorable mention

premio11.jpgDavide Magni – Italy
Carlo Tartaglia – Italy
Martino Cabassi Mastracchi – Italy
Davide Valtorta – Italy


premio12.jpg3rd Honorable mention

Mehul Daya – India

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