Tower of Ring, Tianjin, China

La torre se construyó en la plaza del nuevo distrito cultural de Tianjin en China. Esta gran plaza con baldosas de piedra está ubicada frente a la Tianjin’s assembly house, Daireido. El diámetro de la torre es de 12 metros y su altura es de 64 metros desde el nivel del sótano. A su interior no se puede entrar, salvo para tareas de mantenimiento.

La iluminación LED integrada en la fundición de acero produce una variedad de vistas nocturnas. El panel iluminado para dar la bienvenida del Año Nuevo es una de sus principales funciones. Todo el material utilizado para construirla es acero fundido.

Original text in English

This tower is built on the square of the new cultural district of Tianjin in China.
This square is located in front of the Tianjin’s assembly house, Daireido.
You may call it something similar to the Tiananmen Square. It is a big square with stone tiles. It is a welcome tower standing at the center of this square.

The diameter of this tower is 12 meters. No one should enter inside the tower but for maintenance. The tower stands six meters below surface ground. It is 64 meters from the basement level.
The LED illumination embedded into the cast-steel produces a variety of night views. The illuminated countdown panel for welcoming New Year is one of the major roles of this tower.

All the material used to build this tower is cast-steel. This is the only tower in the world that cast iron is exclusively used for the construction. This is the number one tower in the world.
It was on December 31, 2011 when we started to make first drawings. The completion of the tower was April 23, 2012. From the start of planning, only four months were given until completion. Cast-steel is used to meet such a limited construction period.

1,136 pieces of  wave shape pattern members are used for this tower. In case 4 pieces of wave shaped cast-steel members make one member, more than 284 members can be made with only one tooling, so the tooling cost does not affect too much to the total building cost.

Wave shape iron steel is a piece of a circle, and it has no straight part. It is twisted; this can be realized with cast steel. 71 of wavy levels are piled up to build a big cylinder shaped tower.

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