«Tierra» hair salon in Toyko, Japan

Esta peluquería está situada en el centro de la ciudad de Tokio. Se trata de un salón con zonas para el corte de pelo, área de champú, cuarto cabeza de spa, área de disposición y salas VIP para el tratamiento del cabello. El cliente quería crear un espacio tranquilo y con espiritualidad en un estrecho sótano.

This hair salon is located in the Tokyo city core. It is a salon which consist haircut area, shampoo area, head-spa room, arrangement area and VIP rooms to treat peoples’ hair comprehensively. The client wanted the space with tranquility and spirituality in a restricted basement level.

Large number of mirrors those quantities unfamiliar in an ordinary architectural space are indispensable inside the salon. Focusing on this particular condition and treating the «mirror» as one of the major component in the space formulation, I have attempted to deal with the function as a material instead of the space being dominated by the function. Moreover, this notion will ensure users the dramatic experience of space, including the transition of space from outside, by perceiving this context positively.

In terms of design, I have first considered to utilize the mirrors those necessary in each space the same as fixtures and openings of architecture components. Apprehending these as a silhouette, mirror will fade its existence and cloister will prevail as though the adjacent space continuing. Mirror, which the original intention was to reflect people has disappeared, newly became as an architecture portion to reflect the space itself. People will see themselves reflected in the space and also enable to reflect on oneself instead of just seeing oneself reflected in the mirror. Extensive studies were rehearsed to realize this concept using numerous physical models in varying scales and computer renderings in order to grasp the space multilaterally. Sketches were all made with mirror reflection considered to understand overlaps of perspectives in each area. We have also done trial calculations on lighting to allocate both appropriate quality and quantity of lighting equipment not only from the aesthetician’s functional point of view, but for the users comfort in this space.

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The material covering the wall and ceiling are finished by the craftsman with the special coating containing soil and aggregate. Delicate uneven texture that contradicts with the mirror accentuates the silhouette of the arch. Then, within the use of these materials, I have intentionally scattered «reflection» in the space as a new material by gradually converting the shape of the mirror outline.

This salon is composed of a space which reinterpreted as «mirror»=»reflection». In other words, the space of this salon can be perceived with «material»=»sense». I believe that designing the world which one can feel is not by the material itself, but with an inherent sense in the material.

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