Shelter in the Swiss Alps, Eison, Switzerland

El chalet está situado en los Alpes Suizos, en el distrito de Herens, a una altitud de 1850 m. Fue utilizado como un refugio para el ganado antes de transformarse en una residencia de vacaciones. En su interior, lo pintoresco se deja de lado para dar lugar a un simple refugio seco y caliente. El piso es de concreto y las fuentes de energía son el fuego para la calefacción y para cocinar, y paneles solares para la energía eléctrica. En el exterior, la hierba crece salvaje y es difícil encontrar algún signo de vida contemporánea en el lugar.

The chalet, is located in the Swiss Alps, in the Herens district, at an altitude of 1850 m. It was used as a shelter for livestock before its transformation into a holiday residence. Very popular in Switzerland, these types of transformations reveal several simultaneous realities.
On one hand, the value of these constructions in the Swiss natural landscape is largely widespread. It is a well established fact that the collective status of these shelters often prevails over the individual quality of the object. On the other hand the modern use of the mountain cottage involving weekly round-trips, highlights the improbable all-terrain vehicle in the city and the inevitable garage and retaining wall in front of the mountain chalet. The mountain is not as natural and wild as it used to be in the same manner that cities are not urban enough.

The project embraces these different realities in the most surreal manner. On the Inside, the overwhelming view is the only piece of decoration.
The picturesque is left behind to make place for a simple dry and heated shelter. The floor is made out of sanded concrete acquired locally, and the main energy sources are fire for heating and cooking, and solar panels for a sufficient amount of electricity. On the outside, the grass grows wildly around the chalet, fences and traditional garden elements are completely missing and blinds are shut during the occupant’s absence. It is hard to find any sign of contemporary life around the place.

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