Residencia en Kurakuen, Japón

Al programa de esta casa en Hyougo, Japón, se le ha añadido una oficina con entrada independiente, pero conectada con la vivienda.

This building is fixed on the site so that most construction is so. It has a site and interaction necessarily that it is fixed on the site. I formed the frame of the building by talking with a site and schemed that the interaction took you as construction, and it was generated good environment.

I do not see the site where this building stands from front road at an extreme flag-shaped site. The level ground where open ‚½ was stormy earlier of the alley which curved loosely along the waterway such as the brook is the site of this building. The neighboring land of the level that 3M is high in the north side and the west from this site. The East is the neighboring land where 5M fell down to, but an existing building of 4 stories blocks up the view. The south side sandwiches the waterway, and it is almost the neighboring land of the level, but Takagi of 10M which mushroomed in a waterway verge, the neighboring land blocks up the view with this site. It is open ‚½ (open ‚é‚Å‚ ‚낤) view at the southeastern corner that it was slightly had. Seemingly it is poorness place without the how to treat. The house where the program of the building added an office. While each becomes independent, have seamless relations. Two entrances. A garage for 3 and the carriage porch which the visitor use included. That I let these elements form while talking with a site was demanded.

The placement of the building was decided necessarily by letting a roadway and a carriage porch, the position of the garage talk with the shape of the site. I use a wall, and the building itself is intercepted with circumference by the north / the east / facing to the west. I freed only a southern aspect and did it with depth and space constitution with the feeling of freedom by taking making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden in the inside space. It is far from the second floor level and, from the southeastern corner that opened out of the view, can face the Osaka gulf alone. The rise of the room temperature by the case light of the light of the sun is concerned about so that all living rooms do a southern aspect, but 2.5M evades it by the big eaves which stretched. With the site as a result of having talked, it was it with a building felt green and water, the sky and wind close. By interaction by the talks with the site, the poorness ground without the how to treat changed in quality to good environment.

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